H20; The Pure Solution.

We all know that drinking an adequate amount of water daily is important for overall good health because of the simple fact that water aids in digestion, circulation, absorption and even excretion. Many claims have been made that drinking water gives … Continue reading

DIY; Amazing Aztec Healing Clay Face Mask

If you’re looking for a natural, at home facial mask to help deep clean your skin, look no further. After reading so many great write ups on how amazingly well this clay worked on break outs, as well as getting rid of … Continue reading

DIY; Pore Reducing Face Mask That You Can Make Right At Home!

Hey guys! I wanted to share this wonderful mask that I tried over the weekend, as well as a few others. Of course it’s a DIY with ingredients right out of your kitchen. If your like me, and your pores … Continue reading

Give Away Riddle #1

Ok guys the time is here! Starting off my August Give Away with a set of Crap Free Skin Care! As mentioned in my last post, with this set you will get: T H E  T O T A L  … Continue reading

Give Away! Crap Free Skin Care!

Hey guys! I’m doing a few give aways for the month of August. The first give away will be a 5-pc set of Crap Free Skin Care! The set will include: Make Me Clean- Face wash Make Me Smooth-Shaving oil … Continue reading

All I Can Say Is……..WOW

Ok, normally I’m a pretty upbeat happy-love my job-go lucky kinda girl. But today, I’m sorry I just have to vent a little bit. As ya’ll know (who follow me and my blog) I do a ton of product reviews. … Continue reading

Product Review; CRAP-F R E E-SKIN-CARE

  If you had to do a double take on the name, yes you read it right! “C  R  A  P    F  R  E  E    S  K  I  N   C  A  R  E” I have to say the … Continue reading

Acne; Hit your zits with a one-two punch!

Treating acne can be problematic. First you need to identify the type of acne you have (Yes, unfortunately there are many types) and then you need to find the right medication/products to treat it. I have horrible skin and if … Continue reading

Product Review; Wei Beauty

Wei Beauty-Skin Care has been around for a long time now. Wei Brian, the founder of  Wei Beauty, has had a love for all natural herbs right from the start. As a child, she used to visit her father’s farm to pick … Continue reading

Think About This One; Five Gross Things We Touch Every Day!

This blog might gross you out (as much as it did me writing it) But I have always said your finger’s are the dirtiest place on your whole body because of everything we touch through-out the day! Just to touch … Continue reading