Healthy Living

The Internet is a beautiful thing! Everyone and anyone can have a slice of the pie, which means there are hundreds of thousands (if not millions!) of blogs cropping up every day.The number of fitness, health, and happiness blogs out there can be overwhelming: How’s an average Joe or Jane supposed to separate the good ones from the garbage(you know, those “blogs” loaded with ads and made-up info)?

Luckily, I take all of my advise from my son! Yes, my son he is a professional MMA fighter, body builder and fitness guru! In this blog section you will find healthy eating and living tips along with weight-loss success tips straight from my son, to me, to you!

From running, to yoga, to Paleo eating, to gluten-free goodness, to meditation, to self-improvement, starving (lol) you name it and I have tried it! The only thing that has ever worked for me and the only advice I will take in this area is his.

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