Product Review; Trio Trim


Let me introduce to you a new revolutionary product very popular in LA amoungst the elite today!

Body Shaping has always been popular so it’s no wonder the industry is continuously coming out with new products to fit consumer requests. I stumbled upon Trio Trim and am so excited to share this with you all!

Trio Trim is a 10 in one body shaper which makes it very unique in itself. It’s a high quality, full enclosure FIR sauna body wrap with tourmaile and jade stones. It comes with “10 in 1” multi-function benefit’s from instant weight loss to a total health booster which promotes therapeutic effects. Its portable and very easy to use!

This is some information straight from their website that I found very informative!

Weight Loss – Burns 600 Calories in 45 minutes (Lose 1KG per week)

2.Increases Metabolism

3.Improves Blood Circulation

4.Detoxify Body

5.Strengthens Cardiovascular System

6.Reduces Stress-Fatigue and Revitalizes Energy

7.Pain Relief – Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Muscle Spasms, Back Aches

8.Strengthens Immune System

9.Improves Skin Quality and Cleanses Impurities

10.Enhances Sexual Performance

Sounds pretty awesome right?!? This is how it works:

Emits 5~15µm Far Infrared heat (FIR)

2.FIR heat Penetrates our body 1~2inches deep

3.FIR heat Dissolves fats, toxins & impurities

4.Heat Activates 2 million sweat glands to cool

5.Fats & toxins Excretes through sweat & kidney’s

You can do this all in comfort of your own home! It’s Amazing and I’m hooked! No more going to the spa for treatments like this!

Where to buy:

*Please note they did tell me they are upgrading their current website, so if it doesn’t come up right away, try back. It’s worth the wait!

Contact Info:

I give this product 5 stars!


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