Treat Your Own Iliotibial Band Syndrome-Paperback Book


So, I read an interesting book over the weekend. I’m not sure if you all know but I was sick and ended up in the hospital with bronchitis. Let me tell you that was no fun!

Anyway, my husband bought this book because he has been having knee pain. He is the kind that likes to diagnose and treat himself 🙂  He has had problem with his liotibial band for years. After he followed the instructions for 6 weeks the pain in his knee has almost completely gone away. So I thought it would be nice to share it with all of you just incase any of you have the same issue or know someone who does.

We appreciated this book because it has given my husband back his freedom so to speak. Before reading this book he searched the internet, and found a few exercises to try, etc., but never anything as straightforward and helpful as this book. The explanation was clear and well-illustrated. The documentation was also very good. I like that he gives you a full program that’s easy to follow and not too time-consuming.

Short and easy to read, this book gives you a short education on the muscle and causes IT band syndrome.. Most of the book is stretch exercises and yes you can find the same information on the web but we thought the book was very informative and nice to read and re-read. Really it boils down to personal preference. My husband is a reader. He likes to be able to go back and look at something a few times.
What we liked about the book was that it is illustrated with over 40 drawings and photographs, which enables you-the reader to easily learn what causes this syndrome, and how to get rid of the inflammation it creates in the knee. It’s very easily understood. This was important to us because were not doctors or PT’s. So to make it understandable was a huge plus to us.

This book also gives guided step-by-step targeted exercise programs, which are designed to eliminate the syndrome and keep it from ever coming back. Best of all, the exercises can be done in the privacy of your own home with little cost or equipment.

Another factor that was important to us was that it’s time efficient. Were both busy people so to take hours at an outside PT department just isn’t in the cards for us. These exercises literally only take minutes each day. My husband does them right before bed. I mean for the ease and comfort of being pain free-what’s a few minutes per day right? We can all spare that.

I can’t say that I understand the pain, because I have never had to deal with it. I have seen, first hand, my husband deal with it. And it’s debilitating. The turn around and progress he has made with the help of these exercises it truly remarkable.

This is just our own opinion. And I just wanted to share. Things affect people very differently and just because something may work for my husband doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for the next guy or girl down the line. But its cost-effective and time efficient and if you’re suffering at least you know there is something out there that you can to do minimize or erase your pain all together.

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