Product Review; DHC


Have any of you heard of DHC before? I hadn’t until recently (a few months ago) Here is a little about the company:

DHC USA Incorporated is the American subsidiary of DHC Corporation, Japan’s No. 1 direct skin care company. They are  a leading direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skin care, body care and Cosmetics.

The vision behind DHC is what I love the most! Rooted in the beneficial properties of virgin olive oil which is found to be one of nature’s finest ingredients for helping to achieve and maintain healthy, younger-looking skin, olive oil became the foundation for DHC’s full line of skin-gentle products.

After researching the company a bit-As I always do before I do a product review- Let me just say, what I learned, I loved!  Most of you who follow my blog know that I am all about Quality, Organic, Natural, Good for you skin care. DHC beauty products have fine quality ingredients that are made with plant extracts, especially Asian botanicals because of their nourishing properties. DHC’s cutting-edge scientific research was used to create only the best, most effective and safest products.This company has been in business many, many years and really know’s their stuff!

Why is DHC ?

Japanese products based on Spanish olive oil? It doesn’t get more unique than that. Their mixed-culture heritage is right at home in the United States, where individual tastes and preferences are celebrated. DHC goes beyond selling products. They also provide information on skin care and wellness, makeup tips, recommendations for your beauty regimen and personal guidance as you find the right products for you. What other company does that?  To me, this show’s that this company is not only in it to make a sale, but really cares about you-the consumer. Nice change right?

Now to get down to products! (The fun stuff lol) These are the products that I was sent to review:


  • Pore Face Wash. DHC Pore Face Wash ultra-foaming daily facial cleanser helps reduce the look of pores as it cleanses and refines your complexion. Featuring two gentle exfoliants—baking soda and pear juice alpha hydroxy acids—to leave your skin feeling soft and refreshed, never stripped.
    • Washes away trapped dirt that can make pores appear larger
    • Removes excess sebum
    • Just a small amount yields voluminous lather
    • Refreshing, natural grapefruit scent

The only thing I can really say about this is : AMAZING! My skin feel’s so clean and refreshed after using this face wash. It doesn’t feel tight or dry, just perfectly clean. 


  • Deep Cleansing Oil. DHC Deep Cleansing Oil makeup remover completely dissolves all traces of dirt and cosmetics—even waterproof mascara and eyeliner—while nourishing your complexion with antioxidant-rich olive oil. Using dry hands, massage it onto your dry face, and it immediately goes to work. Add water and it transforms to a milky, vitamin-rich emulsion that rinses clean, leaving your skin feeling soft and nurtured; never dry or greasy. One try and you’ll understand why it’s the ultimate cleanser.
    • In a clinical study, 92% of participants agreed Deep Cleansing Oil worked better than a leading cleanser at removing complexion makeup
    • Unique water-soluble formula rinses thoroughly
    • Rich in vitamins and antioxidants
    • Nourishes and hydrates for younger-looking skin
    • 1 sold every 10 seconds worldwide

Love this! I have never been a big oil cleanser user, if that makes sense.However, I have to say I am now hooked and so is my daughter who steals it from me every chance she gets.


  • Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo. DHC Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo provides age-defying care as it washes away dirt and product buildup from your hair and scalp. Contains antioxidant powerhouse coenzyme Q10 to revitalize, sodium acetylated hyaluronate for moisture retention and black pearl proteins to fortify.
    • Deeply moisturizing cleansing from root to tip
    • Volume-Up Complex promotes fuller-looking hair; Damage Care Essence helps smooth and strengthen
    • Added volume helps hair look younger and healthier
    • For best results, follow with DHC Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Treatment conditioner

This is my favorite shampoo ever. And I do mean ever. In fact I am almost out and will be buying more soon. When I first started using it, my hair felt so soft and silky and just super nourished. I noticed that it even styled better. I wanted to see if it was just because I liked the product, or because it actually worked that good, so one day I went back to my old go to shampoo and conditioner. It just wasn’t the same. My hair was tangled and not as vibrant as when I used the Q10 Revitalizing Shampoo. My hair was not as soft and silky smooth. I think my hair missed my new go to fave! (Q10) So I immediately switched back. I can’t say enough good things about this shampoo. You just have to try it to really believe it.  


  • Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Treatment conditioner. Volumizing DHC Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Treatment conditioner nourishes your hair and provides age-defying care to promote softness and strength. Contains antioxidant powerhouse coenzyme Q10 to revitalize, sodium acetylated hyaluronate for moisture retention and black pearl proteins to fortify.
    • Deep conditioning from root to tip
    • Volume-Up Complex promotes thickness; Damage Care Essence helps smooth and strengthen
    • Added volume helps hair look younger and healthier
    • For best results, use after DHC Q10 Revitalizing Hair Care Shampoo

Same as with the shampoo, this conditioner is FAB!  Nothing that I have tried in the past really compares. This is a must have! Like I said about the shampoo, my hair feel’s so soft and silky with this conditioner. It’s not tangled, it’s easy to brush and style and it just looks and feels much healthier.  If you have tangle prone hair this is the conditioner for you!

  • Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection. DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection water-resistant tube-technology formula lengthens the look of your lashes. Lush and long-wearing, it lasts all day and night with no flaking, smudging, or smearing. No makeup remover required. Tubes slide off with warm water and gentle pressure. This uniquely lengthening mascara stays on until you decide.
    • Long-wearing water- and oil-resistant formula
    • Lashes look longer
    • Precise brush defines from root to tip
    • Tubes slide off when you rinse them with warm water

One of the things I loved most about this mascara is that the brush is little and precise. Typically mascara brushes are big and bulky and it makes it really difficult to get in the inner and outer corners/edges of your lashes without getting it all over your eyes. This brush is small and compact, which makes maneuvering simple and easy. It’s long wearing, doesn’t smudge or smear, and it makes your lashes long and luscious.  dhc_liquid_eyeliner_ex_0-5ml

  • Water-resistant DHC Liquid Eyeliner. DHC Water-resistant DHC Liquid Eyeliner EX brush-tip eyeliner pen lets you line and define like an expert. Easy-to-use, it dispenses just the right amount of smudge-proof liner to create any look, from elegant definition to cat-eye boldness.

The Ex brush tip is very versatile and nice.This liquid eyeliner glides on like silk. Making it easy to create various looks with simplicity. Unlike other larger tip liquid liners, this one doesn’t make a mess when you out it on. The precise tip drops just the right amount of color where you want it effortlessly.  




  • Conditioning Eyelash Tonic. Conditioning DHC Eyelash Tonic nourishing gel treatment strengthens for lush, fuller-looking eyelashes. Fortifying botanicals coat each lash from root to tip to help prevent breakage for a more robust lash line. Wear under mascara during the day and all by itself at bedtime.
    • Specially designed applicator helps distribute gel more evenly
    • Rich in botanicals, including ginseng, aloe and Swertia japonica extract

Love-Love-Love this eyelash tonic. I use it in the morning before i put on my mascara and after I wash my face at night before bed. I have noticed a really big difference in my lashes since I have been using it. I have typo-thyroid. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means my thyroid levels that my body produces are low. Making it difficult to grow my hair and nails, amongst other issues that come a long with this wonderful disease. Anyway, when my medication isn’t working right it throw’s me all out of whack making my hair, nails and lashes brittle.  This has really helped me immensely. My lashes look healthy again. 


My Conclusion: 

I absolutely love these products. They have made such a difference in the texture and appearance of my skin and hair. If you haven’t tried DHC Beauty products you really need to check them out. I highly recommend them. You might think they are a little pricey but honestly they are in the mid range for the quality ingredients and luxury products they offer. Good skin care cost more. Bottom line. But the results are astonishing.

Think of it this way, the skin you’re in is the skin your going to have forever. Same with your hair. And you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Where to buy:



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