Product Review; Diamond V



Today I am doing a review on a very popular Korean slimming mask from which  had made many  headlines and become a go to product for many celebrities. It has also been featured on several beauty TV shows and people are raving it! Deemed as Asia’s Number 1 Magic V-shape Mask. 

Diamond V is a Hydrating sheet mask that comes with an easy to use slimming band. The formula lifts and tightens loose, sagging skin for a more pronounced and angular facial contour. Essence enriched masks contain a cocktail of metabolism-boosting ingredients that prevent water retention. The moisturizing ingredients then provide immediate relief of dryness, diminishing fine lines and wrinkles with continued use, and is suitable for all skin types.

I absolutely love products like this.( I also did a product review for Chin-Up not too long ago)  It’s no secret that as we age we lose elasticity in our skin. No fun right? Now with all of these lovely products coming out we don’t have to settle for saggy skin due to age and gravity!


The first thing I look at when a product arrives is the packaging. It might seem silly, but think about it for a minute. If a product is nicely packaged, to me it means that the company put a lot of time, effort and thought into their product, the look and the marketing. And this product is beautifully packaged. After all, what girl doesn’t love pink and diamonds?  🙂

Inside the box comes a pamphlet explaining on how to use the product, several sheet mask’s and an adjustable band to hold the mask in place. It also come with a measuring tape  for you to measure before and after results. All that in one little package.


I applied the mask and left it on for the recommend 40 minutes. After 40 minutes I removed the mask and rubbed the excess residue all over my face and neck area. (I don’t like wasting) I am very pleased to say this mask actually works! The tape measure revealed a loss of 2 cm. Which is pretty amazing after just 40 minutes.

 The mask actually helped reduce some of the bloating in my jaw and neck area, and maybe even some upper surface fat around my face. (probably from diet-salt) It did what it was supposed to do-It facilitates the decomposition of fat and prevents fat cells from accumulating. The serum in this mask helps to convert fat into fibrous tissue and ease the edema around the cheeks, jaws and chin and helps to boost the density of collagen and cell tension. Instantly lifting and firming up to 20%.


As I mentioned before, I wore the mask for 40 minutes. During that time I was able to go about my business. My hands were freed up and the mask was not runny. So I cleaned house. (2 birds – one stone) During which I felt a warm but bearable feeling under the mask due to the Corum9235- which is an extremely safe warming ingredient. It can promote the absorption of serum and facilitate chin. I think that the heating helps eliminate toxins and excess water from your face and neck. My skin also feels firmer, tight and silky smooth.

I’M sold! I am pleased to say that after my packs run out, I will be buying more.

My Conclusion: It does work. I’m not sure if the results are permanent or if you need to keep using the mask, but none the less, it works.

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