lo carb u


Hello everyone! I just recently discovered this new company that I want to share with all of you. It’s amazing! Especially if you are Carb-Conscious like me.

Its called “lo carb u”  They have the most amazing deals on tons of low carb foods and they deliver right to your door step. They really take the guess-work out of dieting and cutting back.

I have tried so many different diets in my life time and the one that really works the best for me is the low carb. Yes, carbs are essential for optimal health, but you can reduce or limit your carb intake and/or eat carb healthy foods and watch your weight decrease dramatically. I have lost a total of 24 lbs doing this. And with this company I am never hungry!


I have not been asked to review this company, and I am not affiliated with this company in any way. I just wanted to share my awesome find with you guys.

This is my second purchase form them so I have tried out the foods (a lot of them) and kind of know what I liked and what I loved. So if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.  They have so many options available for you to pick from it’s like a carb counters heaven!

These are some of my favorites (in fact I just ordered them again!)


Great Low Carb Everything Bread × 1 $7.99
Healthwise Bakery Zero Net Carb Hamburger Buns × 2 $15.98
Great Low Carb Pasta Rotini 8oz bag × 1 $7.99
Great Low Carb Everything Bagels × 1 $7.99
Great Low Carb Pasta Fettuccine 8oz × 1 $7.99
Great Low Carb Pumpernickel Bagels × 1 $7.99
SUBTOTAL: $55.93
SHIPPING: $7.95 via California Flat Rate
TOTAL: $58.88

GreatCarbs 6up_01

As you can see by my order they always run discount codes. The current discount code is:


 Active until September 1st – If you spend $100.00 or more enter coupon code summerfreeship and receive Free flat rate shipping! OR Spend $50.00 or more and enter coupon code summersavings to receive 5% off of your order.
And what I love almost as much as the food is the fact that they accept Paypal! I like to pay with Paypal because it is very secure and you don’t have to enter in your credit card number when shopping online.
Check them out, you won’t be disappointed!

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