Product Review; Reema Beauty


Reema Beauty was founded by the beautiful Reema Kahn. Up until recently, I have never heard of this company which is surprising being a makeup artist. So when I was contacted to do a product review (and we all know how I love my product reviews) I jumped at the chance.

The first thing I did was jump on their website to take a sneak peek at the products I would be trying. First impressions are really big with me. Maybe I just have high expectations, I don’t know. But to me a really clean well put together website is essential for any business. Especially cosmetics and skin being that it is a multi billion dollar industry. There is so much competition out there you kind of have to go the extra mile. I was really  impressed with their website it’s so clean, classy, warm and inviting. Which is nice. Typically if I go on a site that is over cluttered with too much stuff it’s very over whelming and I Immediately move on.

Reema’s views on Beauty and the empowerment felt through Beauty are spot on. When you look and feel good you are more confident. In her own words:

Bold. Vibrant. Cutting-Edge. Incentive. Sensual. Sensitive. Playful. Confident. Passionate.

A woman exudes all these things and more which transpires out our motto. Rediscover your beYOUtiful self each day with Reema Beauty.

In my package I received the following items;

  1. The Brow Duo Pencil-Medium
  2. Two different shades of lipsticks-Lip Slip & Call Girl
  3. Highlight/Glow Powder-After Glow



(Have to say I love the XoXo on their note-kinda my thing 🙂

What a well put together combo right? What girl wouldn’t be happy with this!

The lipsticks were super hydrating with intense color that literally withstood the test of time and lasted through eating and drinking. That’s impressive. My lips felt super nourished and soft, not dried out at all.

The brow Duo was a double- ended brow tool with brow color on one side and brow highlighter on the other. It was very versatile and added just the right amount of color to define your brows and make your eyes really pop.

The Highlight/Glow Powder-After Glow was a really nice lightweight, pressed powder that left me with a luminous and iridescent shimmer. Which by the way, I loved!

Their prices are pretty spot on with the rest of the mid to higher range cosmetics industry today, and they have a really good product.

Over all I am very happy with the products I received and will be buying from them in the future.

Here are some before and after pic’s with the products they sent me.

beore and after 02

before and after 01

Where to buy:

As a special thank you Remma Beauty has agreed to give my followers a special discount when ordering. Please use the following code at check out:


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