Interview with: KINDERJAZZ, The Big Swing Band For Little Kids!

Can you unlock your child’s genius by exposing them to the right kind of music?

I stumbled upon this website the other day and found it to be very interesting. My 12 year old daughter loves anything to do with music. As a parent, I like to keep her busy and her little mind growing in any way that I can. I like to expose her to different type of activities, cultures, foods, and music to in sure she is well-informed, knowledgeable, and open-minded. Her mind soaks it all up like a little sponge. While searching for further activities on the internet I came across:


Have any of you heard of Kinderjazz before? I havn’t. However, my 12 year old daughter is really into music of all sorts. She began playing an instrument in kindergarten. Music has always been a big part of our family and has been linked and proven to be the best way to encourage learning in children as it has an emotional component. Regardless of one’s intellect or age, they are able to absorb music fully through their emotions. Not to mention it’s a soothing outlet for them.

In researching a bit further I found that Kinderjazz offers the most natural music tuition you can find. Music tuition starts before we ever pick up an instrument or even start singing. Kinderjazz has no less than six children’s CD’s which expose your child to music. I believe this outlet has really helped my daughter so I wanted to share this with all of you!

I contacted one of the owner/reps at the company and did a little interview with them.  

Q. Please explain to the world what KINDERJAZZ is- tell us a little bit about KINDERJAZZ and how it works for those who don’t know or have never heard of you guys.
A. KINDERJAZZ is a 12 piece Big Band of the finest jazz musicians in Australia playing original music for children.

Q. What is the most important part of a KINDERJAZZ concert?
A. It’s playing live. The variety of instruments, the six horns in the front line really excite children and engage their senses.

Q. Which instruments make up the KINDERJAZZ band?
A. Male and Female Vocals
Two Alto saxophones
One Tenor Saxophone
Two trumpets
One Trombone
Double Bass

Q. What benefits does KINDERJAZZ offer children? I, as a parent, am all for activities that keep kids busy, entertained and off the streets.
A. KINDERJAZZ is totally unique. It’s live music that’s full of joy. Children love the instruments and the lyrics and really get the complexity of the harmony, the rhythms, the melodies. It’s a rich smogasbord of sound as all children hate to be bored.

Q. Why the name “KINDERJAZZ”?
A. Kinder means children and jazz is simply what it is.

Q. What would you say is your demographic or target audience?
A. Parents 25-45 yrs old, and children 0-12yrs. We also have a huge amount of grandparents follow us as it’s something they can enjoy with their grandkids. It’s real music with live improvisations and great rhythms so just about any age can get into it.

Q. What is the one thing that you have learned throughout this experience that you did not expect?
A. No two children are alike. They are all unique and magnificent and we play to this magnificence.

Q. How important do you view social media as an outlet to getting your message out?
A. Extremely important. I love the fact that the average person gets a say with social media.

Q. What is your favorite feature of KINDERJAZZ ? Or what would you say has been the most helpful information that you could give to parents, considering KINDERJAZZ as an option for their child?
A. If you can’t come see us live, just spin the disc and watch what happens. Each recording gives children exposure to a huge variety of music which facilitates language, grows attention spans, enables focus and memory. It’s the highest quality.

Q. Please, explain the role of jazz for American and international culture?
A. Jazz is freedom. It has no boundaries whether it’s age or nationality or ability or financial situation or religion. Most of all, like all great music, it speaks to a deeper part of us and allows us to be larger than we originally thought. It’s provides joy and belonging.

Q. What’s your vision for KINDERJAZZ and where do you hope to see KINDERJAZZ in the next 2-5 years? Do you have goal’s on expanding the business to reach children all over the world?
A. Our immediate goal is to get touring overseas. There’s a new album in the pipeline and we want to start collaborating with other artists. We would love to perform on Sesame Street. That’s been a long time dream!

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. Almost 20 years.

Q. What’s your career background?
A. Music, music, music. We are all full time professional musicians and every member of KINDERJAZZ plays in their own bands so when they come together for children, it’s a real super band.

Q. What makes you different from other children’s activities directories?
A. Everything comes from a real person’s heart and soul. It’s fully acoustic. There’s no enhancement necessary so even children in the autistic spectrum can listen to KINDERJAZZ. We’re real when so many children’s artists use sequencers and backing tapes, we have kept it organic. There’s nothing like it on the planet.

Q. As a company, What’s been your biggest business challenge to date?
A. We’re so focused on the music and maintaining the best quality we can, we’ve not focused on the business side and I think going forward we need to consider how we can market ourselves in the best way so we can grow.

Q. And your proudest moments?
A. Selling out 30 shows at the iconic Sydney Opera House would have to be up there as one of the best! We have so many moments during a live performance that just happen and change lives forever. We had a six year old severely autistic boy come to a show with his parent’s by default. He had come to be dropped off at the museum to his god mother who worked there but it was the weekend and KINDERJAZZ just happened to be performing. He wandered into the room just after we had finished a sound check. As soon as the music started, he ran back and gave his huge fish dictionary to his Dad to hold and he stood completely still in front of the drummer for an entire hour mesmerised by the music. Every other child in the room was dancing and grooving but not him. After the show, I noticed both his parents were crying and I rushed over to them. I wanted to know what happened. We saw this little boy pull the shirt of our conga player down to his level and he said “When you play the drums, it makes me happy.”. This boy was mute and had never spoken before in his life! During an hour of KINDERJAZZ something in his brain unlocked making him able to speak. We had goosebumps. From this moment on we never underestimate the power of live music.

Q. Music has been proven the best way to encourage learning in children, how does your company add to this?
A. The most important aspect of KINDERJAZZ is it engages children and they want to listen to it and sing the songs and dance to it. In doing so it nurtures their creativity as it’s full of stories and rhymes, gratifies their imagination in the process. Our children have screens everywhere they go and their brains are saturated with other people’s imaginations therefore never getting to use their own. Not using something as important as this makes it atrophy. Their memory is hampered, their auditory processors slow down and their brains are starved of necessary feedback. KINDERJAZZ goes some way to turning this around.

Q. How does one submit an event to your site?
A. You can email us at or Facebook is probably the easiest! Here’s the link.

Conclusion; Summer’s not over yet! Let’s keep our kids busy and entertained while expanding their minds and introducing them to the power of music. If you havn’t yet, check them out!





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