All I Can Say Is……..WOW


Ok, normally I’m a pretty upbeat happy-love my job-go lucky kinda girl. But today, I’m sorry I just have to vent a little bit.

As ya’ll know (who follow me and my blog) I do a ton of product reviews. And I love doing them. I am extremely happy to do them and thankful that I get the opportunity to do them. But….I will not compromise my integrity or the loyal followers I have for any company.

With that said, I don’t bash, I don’t like to bash. It’s not my style. When this company approached me to do a review on their breast enhancement products, I was like, sure! Why not give it a whirl. I’ve never done a review on that type of product so it will be interesting to see how and if they really work. The owner of the company (who I will not mention because mind you I’m only venting) did not want to send me the products to try. She said if I want the products I have to buy them. Wait, what?  Totally confused. She contacted me.

She wanted me to do a blind review? First off, I don’t do blind reviews. (meaning just research no product testing but giving my opinion and recommendation as though I had tried the product) I know my opinions of the products that I test/try, and review are only my opinions and what I might or might not like isn’t always going to be the opinion of my readers. However, I have to be able to try the product. That’s the whole idea of a “product review.”

This women did not like that very much at all. In-fact she was upset when I said  that I would only mention her site in a review and quote her research but I could not give a formulated opinion, validate or recommend something to my reader that I have not personally tried.

She literally tried to talk me into giving  ya’ll false information for a good 15 minutes and couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just do it. I explained to her that what I couldn’t understand is why she was not willing to send me the product to review if indeed it was all she said it was being that she contact me not vice-versa. (yes, I was polite)  Long story short I said no she was mad and I’m confused.

Am I wrong? This makes me question myself. Did I do the right thing? Could I have handled it differently? Could I have tried to do something to please her with out going against what I believe is right?

I stand by my decision NOT to do a fake review for someone and NOT to mislead all of my loyal followers/readers. That’s NOT what I’m about and that will NEVER happen. This is the first time in my blogging career that I have ever been asked to do this. And been yelled at for turning an opportunity down. It kind of caught me off guard and took me by surprise.

What would you guys have done? Did I handle this wrong? Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you!

Ok, Rant Over-have a great rest of your day!  🙂






2 thoughts on “All I Can Say Is……..WOW

  1. Wow. You did the right thing.

    I get contacted a lot by “community managers” who ask me to do posts on anything from beach bag essentials to how eating nuts can help you achieve a perfect summer glow I am NOT making that up). I just respond telling them their post suggestions don’t fit in with what I’m doing with my blog. Most take the hint, but I’ve had a couple still try to prod me to do a post. At that point I’ll decline again and if they still bug me about it I just stop responding to them.


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