Product Review; CRAP-F R E E-SKIN-CARE



If you had to do a double take on the name, yes you read it right!

“C  R  A  P    F  R  E  E    S  K  I  N   C  A  R  E”

I have to say the name is definitely catchy and a brilliant concept. After all isn’t that what were all looking for?  Skin care that is natural, organic, hand crafted, vegan, cruelty free,   gluten free and paraben free. Something that is actually good for our skin with out all the extra added BS!

I’m so excited to share this with all of you. When I stumbled upon this company all I could think of was wow I really love the name of the company! And then I though with a name like that they must have great products and I just had to try them.  I contacted the owner and she graciously agreed to send me her products to review. As I anxiously awaited their arrival, and believe me I counted down the days, I did my usual research on the company.

They are a newer company out on the market, but what I actually liked the most was that the owner Sabrina, did her research for well over a year before she went live with her products on line. That tells me that she is serious about the ingredients, quality and integrity of her company and product.

I was sent the  G I M M E  A L L  O F  I T , D A M M I T !  package  (picture featured above) that came with the following products:

C l e a n  M y  F a c e ,  D a m m i t !
M a k e  M e  G l o w ,  D a m m i t !
M a k e  M e  Y o u n g e r ,  D a m m i t !
M a k e  M e  L o o k  L i k e  I  S l e p t ,  D a m m i t !
M a k e  M e  S m o o t h ,  D a m m i t !
Wow! Again, the names of these products are brilliant!  Talk about a no BS approach to great quality skin care, I have to say it’s refreshing!
I’ve been using Crap Free Skin Care for about a month now and I am blown away by the difference in my skin. My complexion is clearer than it’s been in a long time, the texture of my skin has changed dramatically, and believe it or not I look rejuvenated and less tired, which is a plus in my book!
I have done many product reviews over the last year but I have to say this one was my all time favorite. You can’t go wrong with these products. Just like the name, there is absolutely no BS in them. That’s important to me because I have very sensitive skin, and those of you who follow me and my blog know that by now lol.
Product Information from their website:
C L E A N  M Y  F A C E ,  D A M M I T !
O. M. G.  Seriously…Facial cleansing oil…where have you been all my life?!
Sounds crazy, doesn’t it?
But here’s the deal…like attracts like. Our skin is covered in…Oil.  We need it for our skin to stay healthy, balanced and to do what it does and stay protected.
Cleansing oil essentially removes the dirty, crappy oil and replaces it with nourishing, glorious, “Crap Free” oil (complete with anti-aging, skin repairing, powerhouse essential oils), leaving you with soft, radiant, gorgeous skin.
No stripping your skin of its natural oils or harsh chemicals.
You won’t believe what this will do for your skin. Seriously.
M A K E  M E  G L O W ,  D A M M I T !
The mega power of coconut oil and shea butter, the circulatory power of caffeine and cinnamon, the antioxidant power of Egyptian Carrot Seed Oil and gentle exfoliators of coffee, epsom salt and brown sugar blended to remove the dead crap and immediately nourish new skin cells.
You will glow, baby!
Use 2-3 times a week and the words, “Holy Crap” will dominate your thoughts about your skin!
M A K E  M E  L O O K  L I K E  I  S L E P T , D A M M I T !
Bags, dark circles, dryness and crows feet have met their match.  
This powerful combination of ingredients firm, moisturize, rebuild collagen, and improve circulation to greatly reduce dark circles, puffiness and the appearance of wrinkles.
M A K E  M E  Y O U N G E R ,  D A M M I T !
A luxurious blend of penetrating antioxidant powerhouses 
to combat the free radicals that contribute to the signs of aging; potent botanical’s to improve circulation, firm sagging skin, improve overall skin tone and reduce wrinkles; exceptional moisturizers to keep skin hydrated and heal skin at its deepest levels for more youthful, healthy, glowing skin.
M A K E  M E  S M O O T H , D A M M I T !
Say, “Good Bye” to razor burn, painful ingrown hairs and dry skin.
A nourishing blend of oils and essential oils provide a smooth, close shave that improves circulation and leaves skin soft and healthy.
Peppermint oil and rosemary oil are not only potent antioxidants, they are aromatheraputic. They wake you up and stimulate your brain.
I look at it this way, you wouldn’t put just anything in your body right? I know I wouldn’t!  So why would you put just anything on your skin? Here’s a scary thought for you; Your skin will absorb up to 65% of what ever you put on it so read your labels and know what your buying and putting on your skin. 
My Final Thoughts;
 I love these products!  CRAP FREE SKIN CARE gets a big 5 STARS from me!  They really did a great job with this line. It not only looks good, has wonderful ingredients, is all natural, vegan, gluten and paraben free, but also smells amazing and gives you immediate results. My skin is so soft and supple after using these products I couldn’t be happier. The price is inexpensive for what you get. I would put them right in the middle of the bang for your buck meter as far as cost goes, and as far as product ingredients well,  you can’t beat  CRAP FREE!  Give it a try, your skin will thank you! 
Where to buy:
Just for being my valuable readers the owner has agreed to give you a discount of 20% off your first order by entering my code. (discount promo good through July 1, 2016)
FREE Shipping over $50
Questions? Please feel free to ask me!


2 thoughts on “Product Review; CRAP-F R E E-SKIN-CARE

  1. I LOVE this product!!!! I’m 46, perimenopause hit & my skin went to sh*t. A few dietary changes helped, but it was the Crap Free Skin Care line that took my skin to better than it’s ever been! I am so grateful to find a CLEAN, affordable, well made product. Everyone should give this one a try!


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