Acne; Hit your zits with a one-two punch!


Treating acne can be problematic. First you need to identify the type of acne you have (Yes, unfortunately there are many types) and then you need to find the right medication/products to treat it.

I have horrible skin and if the wind blows wrong, I’m going to get a zit. So I try to stay ahead of the pesky pimple by researching causes for break outs and ways to treat it. In doing so I run across a lot of valuable information that I like to pass on to my readers.

Because each person’s skin is unique, it’s almost impossible to say that a product which worked well for me would definitely work well for you. A product that suits one person will not necessarily be suitable for another as both individuals will ultimately have different skin types, cases of acne and sensitivity to the product and so on.

There are 3 basic steps for skin care i.e. Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. It is highly important to use the right form and texture of any of these products to get the best results.


Here are the different types of acne:

Subclinical acne

  • A small number of black-heads and white-heads that are barely visible
  • The first signs of a blemish

Comedonal acne

  • Black-heads and white-heads that might be a little red
  • Visible blemishes

Mild acne

  • Several inflamed (read: red) pimples
  • Less than 20 white-heads or black-heads
  • Less than 15 inflamed pimples
  • Less than 30 pimples that aren’t all inflamed

Moderate acne

  • Many inflamed pimples and pustules
  • 20-100 white-heads or black-heads
  • 15-50 inflamed pimples
  • 20-125 pimples that aren’t all inflamed

Severe nodular acne

  • Inflamed pimples and pustules plus a few deep nodules (those solid suckers you can feel under your skin)
  • More than 5 cysts (hard knots of skin)
  • More than 100 white-heads or black-heads
  • More than 50 inflamed pimples
  • More than 125 pimples that aren’t all inflamed

Severe cystic acne

  • Many nodular cystic pimples with signs of scarring

I wanted to pass on this information to all of you. I personally liked this site because it gives you options/choices. It promotes the different products and ways available to treat your acne. They are not trying to sell you on one product. It’s all just information as to what are the researchers top picks available for treatment.

Of course your diet and lifestyle play a big part of any treatment out come so be mindful of that.


Here is a link to the information I found:


Cheers to clear skin!



7 thoughts on “Acne; Hit your zits with a one-two punch!

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