My Top 6 Favorite Nude Lipsticks


There are so many fantastic nude lipsticks available today, in lots of different textures and shades/colors with pink, orange, brown and neutral undertones.

Personally, I just love the versatility of a nude lipstick. You can dress it or down, day or night wear and no matter what you put with it-it looks beautifully natural with some added pop.

As a makeup artist, I am very picky about the product’s I use on my clients as well as on myself and lipstick is no different. Sometimes it can be difficult to find just the right product for your skin tone or particular event. Especially if you have any underlying issues or concerns with your lips such as dryness, chapped or flaky lips, etc. The majority of my lip products tend to come from the same line of brands which over time, trial and error,      I have found work well for me and my clients.

Here is a list of my top 6 nudes; 

  1. Burberry-Delicate Rose:  This is one of my absolute favorites! It’s a creamy lipstick with a very flattering combination of nude and pink undertones. It’s very versatile and works well for both day and evening wear. If you’re looking for a fresh hint of color this gorgeous lipstick is the one for you! (I’m posting all of the Burberry Roses because they are all great- Delicate Rose if my Fave!)



  1. Mac-Kinda Sexy: 

OK, I’m a Mac fanatic!  This must have color made my top 2 list and for good reason. I chose this shade because it compliment’s so many different skin tones making it a perfect NUDE match for just about everyone. This is a much lighter nude shade than Burberry, again with a pink undertones. I love this lipstick for a more natural summertime look.  This iconic lipstick with it’s high fashion textures are what made MAC famous so in a sense it’s part of MAC’s history.


3. Dior Addict Extreme, Incognito, 316:

Incognito is a pinky-beige nude and is quite the all around perfect lipstick. The formula is moisturizing and creamy in texture. I love this lipstick choice because when layered it offers a very nice luscious pigment. Dior Addict Incognito, 316 is a long-wearing lipstick goes that goes distance, resisting fading while adding color, shine and a lip-plumping effect. It’s fun and flirty and just what the doctor ordered for a fabulous summertime look!


4. Tom Ford Lip Color In Blush Nude:

Speaking of luxury nude lipstick, Tom Ford is another line of high-end beauty products that makes an amazing nude lip color!  With beige-soft pink undertones this lipstick is long-wearing and really adds a touch of warm color to you’re complexion. It’s perfect to compliment your summer-time tan!



  1. L’OREAL Color Riche Lipstick-Fairest Nude:

Now this is definitely one of the corner drugstore’s best nude lipsticks around!  Fairest Nude is a traditional nude color that can best be described as equally balanced, creamy, and moisturizing. It’s a darker brown nude with strong cool, blue undertones. It glides on perfectly with good pigmentation. Just two swipes will give you the full coverage you’re looking for. It feels and looks great and for the price you just can’t go wrong with this fabulous lippie!


6.  WET ‘N’ WILD-Bare It All:

Another drugstore favorite! If you’re looking for a super inexpensive nude lip color to add to your collection of lipsticks this is the one! For just about $2 or $3 bucks, you can pick up this lovely nude lippie that looks and feels great on. Note: they have several colors to chose from and for the price you can’t go wrong so you might as well pick up a few different shades!  🙂



I know there are many more out there but these are ones that happen to be my fave and that my clients request all of the time! 🙂

Message me and tell me what your fave’s are?  Let’s share!





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