Product Review; Wei Beauty

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Wei Beauty-Skin Care has been around for a long time now. Wei Brian, the founder of  Wei Beauty, has had a love for all natural herbs right from the start. As a child, she used to visit her father’s farm to pick up herbs. The entire idea of growing, harvesting and creating products based on wholesome,organic,nature is something that’s been driven into her as a child and is part of who she is and what she represent’s. “She’s very particular about what we use on our skin” which is nice because so am I.

“Anything you can drink, you can use on your skin,” she says. Herbs are absorbed internally, but how you create herbal remedies that you can use topically is “much more challenging,” she says. She has proven that her miracles do work — she remains one of the top products on the beauty network HSN, and has remained a best seller for 10 years, once selling 40,000 hand creams in 15 minutes (this yielded $1 million in sales — still the record).

I absolutely loved all of the products that I was sent to try. A lot of times we as consumer’s will buy a skin care kit with the hopes of loving everything in it and end up liking maybe one or two products out of the kit and then retire the rest to our skin care graveyard. You know what I’m talking about, the pile of stuff we thought we would love but just don’t, and there they sit….

However with Wei Beauty it was different. I liked the way each product felt by itself yet I think there is an added benefit to have the ability to use all of them together as well.

I began with the cleanser which was nice and foamy. (you only need a dab because it foams up nicely) The main reason I like a cleanser with rich lather is because you use less of the product each time and it last’s longer making it more cost-effective.

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As I washed the cosmetics off my face I felt product going to work deep in my pores. Normally the facial wash products that I have tried/reviewed, I have had to use twice to remove all the makeup, toxins and free radicals from my skin and get that really clean feeling. (yes, I like to make sure it all comes off) But this facial cleanser only needed to be used once and it removed everything. My skin actually felt super clean.

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Next I used the Bee Venom Anti-Wrinkle Cream Mask which is used to revitalize, hydrate and plump up the skin thus reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This mask felt amazing. Nice and cool to the skin. Bee Venom has been the craze for some time, so I was really happy to get the sample in my box. It’s a wet mask applied with a brush & feels like a real treat for your face. This mask made my face feel new and fresh. I saw a difference with the prior dryness of my skin after one use. I really loved this product and will be buying some soon!

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 Once that was done I used the “Tibetan Chrysanthemum Correcting Eye Treatment Pads”

For those of you who are not familiar with these pads, they are a pair of eye pads soaked in pure herbal extract to treat dark circles and puffiness. These powerful yet soothing Eye Treatment Pads deliver potent, pure herbal extracts for astonishing results—fast.

Tibetan chrysanthemum and seaweed de-puff, mulberry leaf with soy protein brighten, and mint and green tea cool and soothe. This blend of traditional, natural Chinese herbs help diminish the appearance of dark circles of upper and lower eyelids. And can I just say WOW! These are truly like a mini spa vacation for your eyes! They will refresh your tired eyes in just 10 minutes for a more well-rested look. Apply to closed eyes and just wait for 10 minutes. It’s really that simple!

  • Tibetan Chrysanthemum helps reduce the appearance of puffiness
  • Mulberry Leaves help minimize the appearance of dark circles
  • Antioxidant Soybean extract helps protect the delicate eye area from free radical damage

Once my 10 minutes was up and I removed the pads instead of wiping off the remaining liquid that was not absorbed, in an upward motion I gently rubbed it into my skin


Next I used the Rapid Glow Liquid Milk. A first step in ultimate renewal, this lightweight milk readily absorbs into the skin providing an immediate boost of hydration and quickly improving the look and feel of skin that is uneven to the touch. This magical milk immediately hydrated my skin leaving it soft and smooth. I especially like that this product was made with the intention to be compatible for all skin types.

  • Soaked in skin-softening coconut water and consisting of Rice, Millet, Sorghum, Job’s Tears, and Black Soybean, this proprietary “Five Sacred Grains” complex hydrates and softens skin to help achieve a smooth, glowing complexion
  • Vitamin C defends the skin from free radicals and helps illuminate a dull complexion.


Use daily, morning and evening, after cleansing. Follow with serum and moisturizer.

Sprinkle a few drops into the palm of your hand and apply to clean, dry face, neck, décolletage, and hands. Press into skin until absorbed. Follow with serum and moisturizer.

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Before ending my day and going to sleep, I used the Stress Relieving Soothing Mask. (after washing the day from my face of course 🙂

As a plant rises from its seed, it is a moment of pure power releasing all its protected and stored energy to ultimately bloom and flower.

WEI captures the precise moment of life and presses the essential enzymes, nutrients and vitamins when they are most dynamic and concentrated.

This purifying sheet mask floats in an essence of detoxifying Mung Bean Sprout to help to clear imbalanced or blemished skin.  A ten-minute application exfoliates dull skin and removes skin-damaging pollutants and impurities from pores while restoring healthy sebum levels for a calm, flawless complexion. Ladies let me tell you-you will love this!

Features & Benefits:

  • Mung Bean Sprout offers powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties while supplying protein-rich moisture to the skin
  • Chinese Licorice Root helps heal skin ailments and blemishes
  • Cucumber extract soothes and hydrates


Remove mask from protective tube with tweezers provided and gently unroll. Place mask onto clean, dry skin, smoothing the delicate fiber to fit the curves of the face. Adjust mask around the eyes, nose and mouth for proper placement. Leave mask on for 10 minutes for maximum absorption before removing.  Massage remaining solution into hands and decolletage for maximum benefit. Do not wash off. Follow with serum and moisturizer.

My conclusion: 

Wei Beauty products are exceptional. I highly recommend them. If you have not tried them yet, you really need too.

More than 1 million women have used Wei Beauty products and now she has a new fan. I am now one million and one!

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