Product Review; 24 Kt Gold Face Mask


I have been very fortunate in my blogging career to have received and reviewed some pretty awesome products. I have to say that I have really enjoyed at least 98 % of them which makes me very fortunate and happy! Because I do not like to hurt anyone’s feelings, yet at the same time I can’t mislead my followers either. With that said my opinion is just that, “my opinion”.  Here is my opinion on this 24 kt Gold Mask;

I was given an opportunity to try this wonderful mask and fell in love! I think so far, this is one of my favorites. If you follow my blog you  know I’m a skin care freak! I’m a firm believer in taking care of your skin form early on. Preventative care is the best care.

The 24 kt Gold Face Mask is a trend sweeping the nations right now in some of the higher end salons in the U.S. and also among celebrities. A 24 carat gold facial is a type of spa treatment that includes the application of a facial mask made with 24 carat gold powder or foil.

These facials are marketed to have benefits for its improvement in skin texture, tone, appearance, redness, elasticity, wrinkles, dark spots, and hydration as this softer precious metal’s composition is said to allow the skin better absorption than any other facial offered. In researching this facial, I found that it has been around for many years. A lot of the Celebrities were doing it long before the general public even heard about it. Some sources even report that it has been around since the days of Cleopatra, and that she is rumored it to have done it every night to maintain her beauty.

Most of the facials I researched that used 24 carat gold, also used hyaluronic acid, bee venom, collagen, massage or antioxidants incorporated with the gold facial or mask. Almost all of them received good reviews from clients but, the down side is that these facials in a salon can run any where from $380 and $1200!  Yes I said it!  WOWZERS!

$1200.00 is  more than I spend on groceries for one month! I couldn’t imagine spending that much on a facial. So the question becomes, is it worth it? And if it is, where can we get it cheaper?!?

Because while yes, I loved the mask and my skin looked and felt amazing afterwords, it’s NOT worth the money they are asking for this mask in salons and even some high-end department stores, I personally just can’t justify spending that much on a facial. That is why in the beginning I said my opinion is just my opinion. Some people can and that’s great, this is definitely the mask to get if you can afford it.


When I used the mask the first thing that I noticed is that when applied to the skin, the Gold Collagen immediately forms a protective layer, which instantly reacts to the skin’s natural chemistry and helps to replace the collagen that decreases with age.

maxresdefault (1)

This innovative facial mask contains 100% high molecular plant collagen infused with 24 k gold. It contains  a molecular weight exclusion of at least 3000 Dalton’s and provides 95% high performance moisturizing properties. It is said to be absorbed at 10 times the rate of a traditional face mask. Which is great. It tightens the skin and facilitates the removal of toxins.(Same thing Activated Bamboo Charcoal does) This will brighten the complexion, soften and smooth the appearance of fine lines and produce a youthful glow.

After using the mask, I have to say I was hooked and wanted to research further where we could all gain access to it without breaking the bank. After a few days of looking I found a few places that sell it. Most of them are in China. If you have never purchased anything from China, let me share my experiences; It takes forever to receive the item in the mail and once you get it there is a 50/50 chance of it being the item you actually ordered. Again, this has just been my experience. I do not suggest buying it from China unless you have a reliable vendor. I also found a place on eBay that sells it and they are located in the USA (Los Angeles, I believe) Now, they may have directly ordered it from China, I don’t know because the packaging looks to be from China, but they also might have a reputable vendor that they are in business with as well. However, this merchant is in the USA.

I found their prices to be way better than any salon or department store for basically the same product. I say basically because while the ingredients are the same the packaging is not. (you get what you pay for) If you want it wrapped in a pretty little package your going to pay more. My opinion is that it doesn’t matter as long as I get the same ingredients and the same result. After all that’s what were all looking for “results”.

It was simple to do! Add the magical powder to any of your favorite liquids (Lemon Juice, Honey, Water-which is what I did, just basic) Mix and apply. Leave on for 30 minutes, wash off with warm water.

I’m happy to say, now there is an ultimate luxurious anti-aging treatment right at your finger tips and with in the comfort of your own home! This is a remarkable at home spa treatment featuring 24 K gold and colloidal gold, Collagen and DMAE with out the high-end cost! What an awesome combo for skin rejuvenation.

Where to buy:

eBay/24 kt Gold Mask



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