Product Review; Nair Hair Removal Spray

Hair removal in summer is a must. No matter how you do it, you want your hair removal process to be relatively pain free and long-lasting so that unwanted hair is gone and your skin is left smooth without those little nasty red welts that some hair remover products tend to leave behind. Especially when wearing your short- shorts or that new bikini!
For years, Nair has been the number 1 go to trusted name for hair removal out on the market and now they are the only at-home hair removal brand to feature 100% natural Argan oil.
This line is inspired by the hair removal and skin care secrets of Brazil, infused with mineral-rich clay and natural extracts (mango butter and açaí berry), that result in spa-smooth skin. From body and face strips, sprays, cream and roll on wax; this hair removal line doesn’t just leave skin feeling superb, but also smells like a tropical escape and leaves you hair free, days longer than shaving..
I personally shave everyday. I hate feeling “stubby” …So I was on the look out for a product that wouldn’t smell like rotten eggs, burn me, and really work.
A friend of mine told me about the Nair Hair Removal Spray~No Touch~ No Mess~Brazilian Moisturizing Spa Clay. I had never tried a spray on hair remover before so I was excited to give it a whirl and let all of you know the outcome!
The first time I tried being a newbie (lol) I made a mess. Yes, I did not put a towel down and the over spray went all over the floor. (eekkss)  Note to self: Next time put a towel down.
I was pleasantly surprised that it did not smell like rotten eggs. It actually smelled good.
I followed the directions to the T including the spray angle. Left it on for 10 minutes. While I was waiting for that 10 minute time frame to be over, I did my squats!  Kind of killed 2 birds with one stone so to speak 🙂  I took a towel wiped it off and that was that! Easy peasy!
This product is so easy! Just spray, wait, and wipe off! Simple as 1, 2, 3! But it also leaves your legs feeling so smooth and soft I didn’t even need to apply lotion after. My legs were smooth for 3 days after using this product. To me, that’s just simply amazing. To not have to shave every single day is just awesome.
Nair Hair Removal “Sprays Away” No Touch Spray….Moisturizing Hair Removal with Brazilian Spa Clay….With Mineral Rich Clay, Mango Butter & Acai Berry….Easy & Precise Application ( Easy Instructions on the bottle)
Product can be used on arms, underarms, legs & bikini area
Nair also makes a Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream that Works while you shower!
It’s Inspired by luxurious Brazilian spa treatments. The moisturizing formula’s combines mango butter, açai berry and mineral-rich clay to leave your skin smooth, radiant and hair-free. The Brazilian Spa Clay Shower Power Cream comes with a convenient pump and sponge make application and hair removal easy, unique Shower Power technology, stays on in the shower and leaves you with silky smooth skin that lasts days longer than shaving.


If your a fan of Nair or hair removal products in general you have to give these a try. They get a thumbs up from me! The price range is not bad, depending on where you buy it and it’s quick, easy pain free and works great!

Enjoy Life!


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