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Have any of you ever heard of “Ample Meal Replacements” before? It’s a healthy meal-in-a-bottle. Connor Young, The founder of Ample Foods emailed me and asked if I would try his product and give him honest feedback/review.

After researching his product and website I have to say I agree with a lot of his key points such as: “There is a clear nutrition problem that exists for people unable to spend the time, money and mental energy to consume an optimal diet”  AND: “The food and supplement worlds have created so much pseudo-science, “bro-science” and misleading marketing, paired with non-transparent labeling, that it’s difficult to trust any of it anymore”.

So, How do we know what’s really healthy and beneficial to us versus something packed with too much sugar, if the label is telling us it’s good for us? We encounter the FDA’s daily values so regularly that they’ve been hammered into our minds. But it’s a useful exercise to look at how these recommendations were created in the first place. Are we blindly trusting something that rests upon a shaky foundation? Fruit juices and shakes are being sold as healthy options but yet they are packed with more sugar than Coca Cola.(which I have discussed in my previous blogs.)

Needless to say, I was very intrigued. His points of view on the topic of nutrition are spot on. The only other person I have ever known in my life so determined and dedicated to optimal nutrition is my son who is a professional MMA fighter.

I received 4 bottles of “AMPLE” the packaging was simple, yet nice which I like. In previous blogs I have talked about packaging. If your product is great all you need is simple yet nice packaging. All of this overly fancy packaging that sellers put their product in is overkill and over shadows the actual product not to mention that it’s expensive, and who pays for that? As consumers “we do”. I would much rather the seller pass the savings onto us consumers with simple, nice, effective packaging.

Ample comes in  powder form which is great to insure the freshness and quality of the product as there is no need for refrigeration when shipping and allows for a longer shelf life. The bottles are pre-packed with the shake, no guessing or measuring which is an added bonus especially for those of us with tedious schedules that are always on the go. It can be time consuming to make a shake that isn’t pre-packaged when your running late.

The shake can be mixed with water or milk. I tried them both ways and found that mixing it with water worked better for me. It seemed to mix up in the bottle better with less powder-shake left at the bottom. It pretty much tastes the same with both water or milk, it just mixes easier with water. With milk it took a little bit more time and effort to get all of the clumps to mix well.

I pleasantly surprised with this shake. There is was no overpowering taste like in some health or protein shakes. I could taste a hint of nuttiness from the macadamia nut, and a little bit of the whey. Other than that Ample was very subtle with a bit of natural sweetness from the sweet potato and stevia, (which is what I use in my coffee) with a moderately thick texture. It’s very fulfilling and satisfying. Ample has a very high nutritional density which is designed to make the average person feel full for several hours. I can tell you it works amazingly well. After one shake I was full for the first part of the day. I forced myself to eat my “AM”snack but my body did not crave, want or need anything else. And as busy as I ALWAYS am, that’s a win-win for me!

I also love how detailed and informational the website is. Connor covers all aspects when it comes to the benefits of AMPLE, nutritional values, the information you need to make a healthy decision, down to questions and answers about his product. Even an informational blog. He really took the time to design a user friendly, impactive site with an effective product.

This is information is directly from his website: 

Lots of quality protein.

Ample’s protein blend is composed of cold-pressed grass-fed whey, pasture-raised collagen, organic pumpkin and organic pea protein to give you abundant amounts of all 21 amino acids for muscle synthesis, bone and joint health, and cellular processes.

Sufficient healthy fat.

Sufficient quality fats are essential for energy and maintaining health. Ample’s fat blend is created composed of coconut, macadamia nut, chia seed and algae oils to give your body everything it needs without cheap, inflammatory fats that cause harm.

Clean carbs without the crash. (So important to know the difference in my personal opinion)

Ample’s clean carbohydrate blend is made of tapioca and sweet potato extract to provide long-lasting fuel. This provides all the energy without the damaging sugar (fructose).

Vitamins from greens.

It’s important to provide everything the body needs in the most absorbable (bioavailable) form you can get it, which is why the majority of Ample’s micronutrients and anti-oxidants come from plant-based sources such as organic cacao, wheat grass, chlorella, spirulina and barley.

Maximize digestion and nutrient absorption.

Optimal digestion and nutrient absorption is paramount to short-term energy and long-term health. Ample achieves this by maximizing your gut microbiome health through pro- and prebiotics. Ample’s probiotic blend contains 10 of the most studied organisms, which are sustained by prebiotics–chicory root, green banana, acacia fiber and psyllium seed.


And that’s just one page. It’s truly a well put together, very informational yet not over loaded or over whelming. In my personal opinion, you can’t go wrong with AMPLE. In fact, I want more! I drank all 4 of the bottles that he sent me for this review and I have to say AMPLE is my new fave go to!

Where to buy:


Enjoy Life & Stay Healthy!






5 thoughts on “Product Review; Ample Meal Replacement

  1. I really appreciate this informative breakdown of the product as well as your insights/opinions. Did you try the 400 or 600 calorie version? Do you have any follow up details on the product in the month since this article was written? More samples tried, your questions answered by Ample, still hold the product in such high regard? Anything and everything you can provide on the product and its future would be greatly appreciated as I’m considering the lifetime perk on the campaign site. Thanks so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello. No I haven’t tried the 400 or 600 calorie version yet. I would love to though. I hold this product in very high regard for a few reasons, first because of it’s nutritional values and properties, and second because of the convenience and taste. I am a busy on the gobusiness women, I am a makeup artist, blogger, cosmetics developer as well as a mom. So for me this product fits well into my busy schedule. Sometimes I don’t always get a chance to eat breakfast or lunch depending on my hectic schedule which leaves me tired and hungry and nutritionally depleted. But with Ample, you grab and go. It’s fool proof. They make it so easy to get the daily essentials you need to fuel your body. I absolutely love this product and hope to see it in nutritional stores in the near future.


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