Product Review; Ellie Bianca All Natural Lip Moisture.

We kiss with them, we talk with them, we even eat with them…So why not make them “Beautifully Fabulous, Smooth & Soft”

We all want healthy, kissable lips, not chapped lips! Well I am going to share with you a little secret I just came across for soft, luscious, and nourished lips!
I hate chapped lips, who doesn’t?  Even worse is getting the dreaded cold-sore or sun blister.  My lips were so dry and unhappy this winter. It was like they had this thirst that I just couldn’t quench.  Big brand-names like chapstick didn’t seem to help (sorry chapstick) In fact, it always seemed like my lips would dry out even more.  Or the lip balms I used would simply spread a layer of ointment on my lips that wouldn’t actually heal the lips at all.  When it comes to lip treatments, I have tried them all.  You name it – I have tried it.
I don’t know about you guys but winter and summer both wreaked havoc on my lips. (which is a good portion of the year)  We really don’t think about lip care as much as we should. It’s all about the skin or preventing under eye wrinkles and bags, which is great to think about don’t get me wrong, I just feel like a lot of times the lips get over looked. As in my case, I know that I never included them in my beauty routine until recently.
I have a godsend for you! Two words:  Ellie Bianca.  A few weeks ago I was asked to do a product review on an all natural, luxurious lip moisture. First thing that caught my eye was the “All Natural” part, I love products that are all natural. I have been using it a few times a day for a little over a week now and WOW! What a difference!
When I received Ellie Bianca’s Lip Moisture it was packaged up very simple and cute. It wasn’t over done at all. Sometimes when I get packages and they are all done up or dolled up it makes me wonder are the over compensating for the product? Because If the product is that good, plain simple, organic packaging is really all you need.  Anyway, I also like the fact that they included information about the product along with their website and social media sites.
The product is high-quality and really keep’s your lips smooth and moisturized without any funky fragrance, taste or color, making it a perfect everyday lip balm that you can reapply often and liberally. Just the thing I needed this time of year when the weather is so unpredictable. (Hot, Cold, Hot, Cold) And because it is all natural you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals.

The peppermint has a light minty scent, natural and fresh, glides on smooth, clear and relatively matte (not too glossy).

Product Information: 
With this beeswax blend of our carefully balanced combination of natural Shea Nut Butter*, Coconut Oil* & Calendula* you will feel a sense of luxury after application to lips. The refreshing qualities from the leaves of the peppermint* plant bring our LIPS NATURAL Lip balm to a whole new level, adding antiseptic and anti-inflammatory protection while stimulating and energizing your mind and creating a pleasant tingling sensation on your lips.
The Beeswax in our LIPS NATURAL and PEPPERMINT LIPS NATURAL balms enhances the softening and purifying qualities of the Ellie Bianca moisturizing Shea Butter containing the Vitamins A, E and F to help repair and protect the skin cells and fine line reduction.

The unique hydrating power of Coconut Oil* and anti-inflammatory properties of Calendula (olive oil)* work together to treat your lips and lock in the moisture, seal the hydration and protect your lips from the environment.

Sound’s Intriguing right? Well as good as all of that sounds, the product is even better. I use it a few times a day and right before I go to be (after I wash my face of course) In the morning my lips feel so soft and nourished. I have to give this product a big thumbs up!
Price: $7.94 for a cute 10 ml tin
Where to buy:
Enjoy Life!

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