Product Review; Chin-Up


Combining beauty, science and technology, Chin-Up Firming and Contouring Mask is a product that exceeds skin care needs and expectations.

Lifts and firms the lower part of your face to contour your jawline, Promotes facial blood circulation,  Hydrates and moisturizes the skin on the chin area,  Reduces fat on the chin,  Uses natural ingredients such as fruit extract which keeps the skin healthy.

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“BUT……does it really work?” 

I was asked to do a product review on this intriguing product and you know me, something catches my eye and I can’t turn it down. I did some research on the product and was immediately curious.  A 30 minute non surgical face-lift? Really? Count me in!

If I’m being completely honest, There are very few of us who are completely satisfied 100% with every aspect and version of ourselves. Were all self conscious and vein in some way about something on our body. Am I right Ladies? And if you are one one those 100%’ers that’s awesome! But, unfortunately I am not. I am pushing the BIG 50 and starting to notice that little bit of a bulge underneath my chin area. And let’s be honest, it’s not only an age thing. It partly how we eat, take care of ourselves through diet and exercise, but it’s also hereditary as well. You either have the blessed gene pool or you don’t.

A face-life can cost on average an upwards of 10,000.00! WOW! Now that’s a lot of money. So, I have been on the look out for an alternative noninvasive procedure with less cost and less recovery time and ladies, I think I found it!


Are the results as quick? No. It’s something you will need to do a few times to see really amazing results, but the potential is definitely there. And with no recovery time? Heck Yeah, it’s a no brainer for me.

Back to my chin, It seems that no matter what my weight is or how healthy of a diet and exercise plan I do, I just can’t get rid of that little extra skin under my chin, and when I look down it’s becoming a double (eekkss) Not a good look!

The revolutionary Chin Up Firming & Contouring Mask boasts the results of a non-surgical instant face lift by slimming, lifting, moisturizing, contouring and firming the skin around the neck, cheeks, jaw and chin. It claims to provide a more angular facial contour, with the results lasting several days at a time and suitable for repeat usage when necessary.

The process was actually pretty simple and involves applying a slimming mask to the neck and chin which is held in place by a stretchy slimming band for thirty minutes at a time. The mask is enriched with Vitamin E to protect skin cells from free radicals, acting as an antioxidant to encourage improved moisture and elasticity to the skin. The Q10 coenzyme stimulates cell strengthening to promote the regeneration of skin, giving immediate relief to areas that are dry or dehydrated with anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle properties. There are so many great ingredients in this mask, I was pleasantly surprised! One being the Skintronics serum that works to convert fat cells into fibrous tissue around the cheeks, jaw and chin, boosting the density of collagen and cell tension to uplift the face instantly.


In short, the loose and sagging skin around the chin is tightened, hydrated, nourished and firmed to trim off and provide a cleaner, slimmer jawline. It’s recommended that you measure your individual results before and after treatment with the paper band provided with the mask to measure your results, and keep the mask in place for a full thirty to forty minutes to achieve the full benefits/results. Having never tried a treatment for my chin before I have very little to compare the results to, other than to review it by my own initial results and outcome.

I measured my chin from ear to ear for a starting length of 26 cm. I took the mask out of the packet which by the way smells really good! Kind of  fruity and fresh. I Placed it under my chin and then placed the slimming band over the mask, fixing it in tight at the back of my head with the adjustable velcro on the band. It wasn’t a bad feeling, it was tight but comfortable. There are ear holes on the side of the band to hold it in place so you will be freed up to do your household chores or anything else you want while anxiously awaiting the 30 minute miracle period.


The first thing that I noticed was a slight warming and tingling sensation which was a direct correlation to the ingredient “Corum 9235” which when applied to the skin promotes the loss of chin fat and aid in the absorption of the serum. It was not uncomfortable at all. Very tolerable as it was slight.

Within the first few minutes I could actually feel the heat of the serum taking effect on my skin with it’s tingly, warm sensation. Which I liked because that meant it was actually doing something!  The feeling very similar to a deep heat face mask. The mask smells great and the band sits tightly in place holding my jaw and face in alignment. Don’t try to eat or drink while wearing the mask because the slimming band makes it difficult to do.

I spent my 30 minutes cleaning house, so that should tell you right there it was not bothersome, or painful at all. After the 30 minute mark, which I so anxiously awaited, I removed the velcro of the slimming band and the mask, which is just like a baby wipe in size and constancy,  I rubbed the excess into my chin, cheeks and jawline. Looking in the mirror my face instantly felt slimmer and more angular as I closely inspected my results. The real proof came with my tape measure when I measured from ear to ear across my chin once more and I now had a result of 25 cm, a 1 cm loss in only 30 minutes! Needless to say I was very happy with my results and plan to use my next one tomorrow!


My wish is for them to come up with an under-eye treatment that does the same thing! I would definitely buy them! Hint Hint! 🙂

*So in a nut shell, yes! I really do believe this works and is worth every penny!

Where to buy:


Cost: (Way cheaper then a face-lift)

$50.00 for 2 masks

$125.00 for 7 masks

$150.00 for 10 masks


Enjoy Life!



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