Product Review; Vegan Green Tea Tan, Matte Mineral Foundation

I was asked to do a product review from a company called “Swanky Couture” I have to say, I love the name! How cute is that? I though OK they must have some cool stuff with a name like Swanky Couture. So I checked out their website and fell in love!

As a Make-Up Artist, I am always looking for the next best thing, the next big product that will blow my mind and I have to say, I think I found it!

I am all about taking care of your skin as you can see from all of my previous post’s. Health and Beauty are my number one topic.  I truly believe we only get one shot at this crazy thing called life so why not make it the best it can be. Look your best, feel your best and always put your best foot forward.

I received a 10 g jar of this amazing power packed product called “Vegan Green Tea Tan”, a foundation powder. The ingredients in this powder are pretty amazing. Simple and Natural.

Green tea powder, cranberry powder, rice silk, bamboo silk, from the tiny buds of a new bud on the plant, picked and processed to be the purest natural, 100% green sustainable ingredient possible, with pure zinc oxide, used for centuries to sooth and protect skin, and gives us SPF sun protection, along with vegetable magnesium myrsitate, stearate, amorphous silica and iron oxides complete the all natural powder.

All which are good for your skin. So far, I was impressed. I liked the fact that all of their minerals are vegan friendly, non comedogenic, and will not plug your pores, AND they are cruelty free. They never expire as they contain no moisture which means they will last a very long time. I love that they are made to order which means they do not sit on a shelf waiting to be bought. They are fresh and new when you buy them.

I don’t know about you, but to me, this is one important key factor. I want my product to be fresh. I don’t want to use something with harmful chemicals that has been sitting around on a shelf for 6 months because it is mass produced by a factory.

Findings: When I applied the “Vegan Green Tea Tan” foundation powder I was pleasantly surprised.  It glides on effortlessly and feels so good on your skin. I barely noticed that I even had it on. It camouflaged my uneven skin but at the same time it felt very hydrating. Plus, I don’t know if it was just me, but I felt that it even visibly reduced some of my fine lines. My skin felt very nourished and youthful. This is important to me as I have middle aged skin and being 48 years old I really need to watch what I do and what I put on my skin.

If you have read any of my other post’s you know that your skin will absorb up to 65% of what ever you put on it. This can be a good thing, or a very scary thing depending on what products you are using. I can’t stress enough, no matter your age, it’s never too late to take care of your skin. After all, you only get one set of skin to last you a life time and while your skin does shed and slough off dead skin cells, your stuck with what you have for life. Be it good, or be it bad. It’s all up to you.

My opinion: Try the product. With these ingredients it definitely won’t hurt or harm your skin. And the cost for what your actually getting it pretty good. The finish compares to the higher end Boutiques that you would see in the mall. I don’t know if it matters to you or not, but in reviewing the website I read that they also do drop shipping? I personally don’t do this, but the program looked pretty interesting. (Just an FYI)   🙂







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