Can we talk? (Adult Product’s)

OK, I’m back at it! I know I haven’t been on for a while but I have been dealing with some health issues. (No worries, I’m good!)

Now when it comes to my reviews, I have been sticking to some pretty basic stuff such as beauty, diet, DIY products, etc.  But recently I was asked to do a review on a product somewhat “Riskay”. I figured were all adults so what the heck why not do the review, Right?

I was recently asked to do a review by a company called Secret Treasures. When I did my research on this company, I found it to be an adult toy/product website.  Now in the past I may not have gone any further than that. But….I am 48, an adult, a women with certain needs and curiosities so what the heck! You only live once and I’ve actually never tried or did a review on anything like this before. So here I am!

Now going back a bit, not that I am embarrassed or ashamed it’s quite the opposite. My Sex life with my husband has always been so great that I have never even thought bring or trying anything else in the bedroom. I know that is probably shocking to some because adding some sort of sex toy in the bedroom is a completely natural thing to satisfy some’s curiosity and desires. We have just never done it before.

I was shipped a product called “Passion Oral Ecstasy Throat Desensitizing Spray” 1. Mint flavor and 1 strawberry flavor along with a product called “Passion Spearmint Clit Sensitizer”

The Oral Ecstasy Spray is a mint flavored oral desensitizer that is supposed to make oral sex easier to perform by numbing the back of your throat, quelling your gag reflex, and making deep throating more comfortable for us women.

Now if your anything like me, I gag myself brushing my teeth LOL. So I was very excited to try this product to see if it really lived up to it’s name. And I liked the fact they sent me two bottles with two different flavor’s to try. My initial goal was to prove them wrong in their theory that it makes the whole task more pleasurable to women. Also because I thought I did a pretty good job at pleasing my man before this spray.

My husband needless to say-eagerly and anxiously volunteered to be my guinea pig for this review! Just to be relevant and clear with our findings, we did a “with” and “without” product test to get his opinion and a man’s perspective on the product.

My husband and I both agreed that the product works! It really does numb and relax the back of your throat allowing you to go all the way. His reaction and excitement “without” the product was awesome. But, with the product it was much more intense and threw him into a state of complete and utter orgasmic bliss. The pleasure for him was obvious, but what was the pleasure for me? And what would other women really get out of this product? Glad you asked! Because I can tell you from my own personal experience that the pleasure I got from this was:

  1. The feeling of excitement watching my husband go to extreme levels of complete Oral Ecstasy. (which he does normally anyway, not to toot my own horn but when your good your good-Toot Toot) But this was different. It was more on edge, intense and extreme.
  2. The flavor of these sprays is so good! I loved them both!
  3. The fact that it numbed my throat and let me go as far as I wanted to go was definite a plus in my book. So yes, the product did live up to its name.


The next product we tried was called “Passion Spearmint Clit Sensitizer”


Needless to say I was really excited about trying this product for my own selfish reasons. 🙂  This product claims to deliver sexy sensations that enhance oral sex for both partners as well as heighten clitoral awareness and stimulation while adding a cooling, slight tingle sensation.

We have never used a product like this before. The results for both of us was AMAZING! This product really works! It made me so sensitive I was on edge the whole entire time from beginning to end. There was no climb it was just BAM! WOW! OMG! From the very beginning. Don’t get me wrong, my husband is great in this area and I have no complaints at all. But there is just something about these products that takes you right to the edge of  complete “Mind Blowing Ecstasy” that will take your breath away!

When I read their about us page, I totally got it! This is what their about us page states:

<h4>Everyone has secret sexual fantasies, and that's a good thing!</h4>
<h4>Your fantasies are always with you, playing hide-and-seek with your perceived realities, whispering wild ideas into your inner ear, showing movies in your mind, stirring your passions mysteriously, yet so powerfully. Whatever form it takes, it arouses your sexual feelings. As such, your favorite fantasy is the G-spot of your mind.</h4>
<h4> But, Where does fantasy end and reality begin? Right here at Secret Treasures! Now you can bring all of your wildest inner most passionate fantasies to life, in a secret discreet manner, or not!</h4>
<div><strong>Double your pleasure, double your fun with an erotic imagination the possibilities are endless.</strong></div>

So very true whether we want to admit is or not, we all have them in the back of minds at some point and time. What we do with them is another story.

Their website has something for everyone. What ever your fantasy or pleasure is, they have it. For Men, Women, Couples play,  Bachelorette Parties, Easy Light Exotics to Hardcore and More! After searching the web, I found their prices to be under that of some of their competitors. We will definitely be shopping their in the near future.

My recommendation: If your looking to add a little bit of spice or variety into or back into your sex life this is definitely the place to shop. The packages arrive in an unmarked outer box to be discrete. I also like the fact that they only accept Paypal. In my personal and professional opinion Paypal is the safest way to pay and if you do not have a Paypal account you can still check out by using your Visa or MasterCard. (I am just a cautious buyer and do not like putting my credit card information out there on multiple sites.)

Where to buy: (Click on the links to go to each site)

Secret Treasures Website


Twitter Account: 

Follow Secret Treasures On Twitter









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