Product Review; Primp My Nails


I love my nail art, but I will be the first to say, I’m terrible at doing my own! I have no creative ability when it comes to doing my own nails that’s why I go to a salon to have them done (lol) Luckily, there is an amazing brand out there called Primp My Nails that makes it a little bit easier for us unskilled, non nail artist to accomplish fun, beautiful nail designs of our own! It was actually pretty easy once I got the hang of it!

After all, who doesn’t love fun, beautiful nails? I know I do! So when I was asked to do a review on these nail stencils I just couldn’t pass it up! My daughter (who is 11) and I had a fun pamper me spa day at home playing with these creative little nail designs!

These awesome stencils help you to easily create amazing designs that would otherwise be very difficult to do! And the best part is that they are completely affordable-just a little over $3.00 for fun beautiful, creative nails!

I was sent 3 great designs with instructions on how to do them. Me being me, messed them up the first time-like i said im no nail expert! But the second go round I felt like a pro! So easy to do. (Light Bulb lol)

Before trying them, I did my research on the company and found on their website that they have so many wonderful designs,  to choose from! And they are affordable! My daughter is in love with these!

Basically it’s as easy as one- two- three!

  1. Paint your nails and wait for them to dry
  2. Place your stencil over your nail
  3. Paint with a secondary polish completely over the stencil design and wait for them to dry! (about 30 minutes) Remove stencil and whala! A beautiful nail design you did all on your own!


I painted over my completed design with a top coat to insure the wear of the polish.

Super fun and super easy! And how cool do these look? Not too shabby for a beginner huh?

These nail stencils make creating fabulous, high-fashion salon style nail designs incredibly easy in less than an hour! And in the comfort of your own home!  So affordable you can can get them and really let your creative juices flow!

These little designs would make great stocking stuffers too!

Where to buy these trendy little designs:




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