Product Review; Delux Spa Kit


National chains and large corporations are great for many things, but there is no doubt that America’s 23 million small businesses, including mom-and-pop retailers, fulfill a huge niche in the marketplace as well!

But, with so many skin care products out on the market today to choose from, where do you start? That’s what makes my job so interesting and fun! I get to try products and either recommend or discourage people from trying them.

I Absolutely love the skincare industry and when I was asked to do a product review on this semi-new company I jumped at the chance.

I really and truly believe that the mom and pop, smaller companies are the best for many reasons. One being that they provide excellent customer service, superb one on one care and most of the time, a great product. (this is only my opinion based on my experiences) Because they are not a large chain with millions of dollars to spend, they are set at a different standard. They generally have a lot more to prove with their reputation and financial future in the balance. Not to say a large corporation doesn’t, because if they produce a poor product word of mouth suggest people will eventually get wind and not purchase it, but the smaller companies will take the hit a lot harder for do so.

With that in mind, “and again”, it is only my opinion from experience, I was excited to try this new kit.

When the package arrived it was wrapped beautifully! Simple, rustic and wholesome. It had a very natural feel to it. My first impression was “Wow” they put a lot of time and care into the packaging and presentation so hopefully the product is as good as it looks.

20151017_140125_resized (2)

I received the product about 2 weeks ago. I like to try a skin care product for a good while before I offer my review and opinion to see how it really works. Because let’s face it you can’t tell after one or two uses.

The first thing I noticed after several days of faithfully using the product was that my jaw line acne was slowly disappearing and the texture of my skin was dramatically changing. This was a good sign for me as I really don’t like to give negative feedback or reviews. But I am 100% honest in my findings at all times, good or bad.

This kit came with 3 products to try.

  1. A cleanser
  2. A toner
  3. A moisturizer

All of which are extremely important in a good skin care routine. I’m pleased that the kit did not just come with a cleaner and buffer and call it a day like some others that I have tried.

20151017_140233_resized_1 20151017_140247_resized_120151017_140310_resized_1

After doing my research on their company I found that Delux Spa is a beauty care company that focuses on providing the most effective, natural, organic skin care products based on your individual needs. Who else does that? It’s like the kit is specifically made for you and your skin! A Lot of companies just mass produce a swarm of different products. It’s like making a bunch throwing them against the wall to see which ones stick! Not this company. They are committed to excellence and your individual satisfaction which is a nice and refreshing change of pace.

How they work: You just go to their website and sign up it’s as simple as that! You will receive a monthly mystery kit, which includes three “random”, yet effective remedies for treating and achieving healthy, nourished, glowing, clear skin.

These kits include eye creams, toners, body oils, moisturizers, you name it, they have it! The fun part is that your routine will always be different, which is good because after a while, using the same skin care treatments day in and day out your skin gets used to one routine and the effectiveness diminishes. Skin is a tricky thing! As we age and change so does our skin and it’s basic need to remain healthy. So switching it up is actually a good thing.

I’ve mentioned this key element before in several of my product reviews, but because it is so true I am going to mention it again. Your skin will absorb up to 65% of whatever you put on it. Now that’s a scary thought when we’re not using products containing all natural ingredients right?  I am continually pushing products that contain all natural ingredients and always try to stay away from products that contain potentially dangerous  or hazardous chemicals and preservatives. The long term effects on our skin and to our health can be very damaging. Take care of your skin! You only have one set to last a lifetime. You wouldn’t just put anything in your body right? So why put just anything on your skin??? It’s the same concept.

With the Delux Spa Kit, I had no more dry, flakey, acne, uneven textured skin. I was completely thrilled with this product!

I know a lot of people shy away from subscriptions, because let’s face it, our hard earned money is our hard earned money…. But, this product is very cost effective just like their website claims” It’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day”! Now tell me you haven’t spent an upwards of 20,30 or even 40.00 for skin care treatments in the past? I know I have! Only for them to end up producing a less than mediocre, unsatisfied result.  Delux Spa has a hassle free cancellation policy that gives you the peace of mind you need when signing up!

The only 1 small little suggestion I even had for this product, but it wasn’t even for the quality it was for the bottle and that was to put a flip top lid on it to make it more convenient for those of us who wash our face in the shower. (because sometimes I do that so im guessing others do too) That’s it. That’s the only suggestion I had, other than that I am so stoked to say “the product itself is amazing!”

If you have questions regarding this product their email is on their website but I am also posting it here.

Where to buy:




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