Interview With The very Talented Country Singer, Will Ardell

Will Ardell

No matter what your taste is in music, there is no denying Will Ardell’s music is catchy and incredibly uplifting.  I absolutely love Country Music. To me Country music isn’t about just singing a song with a twang, It’s about telling a story from the depths of your soul, drawing people in, wanting more and Will Ardell does that perfectly in each of his songs.

Will has a very powerful, distinct voice. His lyrics are authentic and come from the heart and his own personal life experiences. When you can hear the someones heart in their music, you know you have a winner, and Will Ardell is a definitely a winner.

A little bit of background on Will Ardell from his Bio;

Will Ardell has had an outstanding year since he entered the Canadian Country music business beginning with the release of his double CD, “All About The Ride” in 2012. And his second album “Reckless”.

Will has received confirmation of this success from the Saskatchewan Country Music Awards which were held in Saskatoon on April 27th, 2013 where he won “The Rising Star Award”. At the SCMA’s Will was also nominated for “Male Vocalist of the Year”, “Song of The Year”, Album of The Year” and “Video of The Year” for “Save Me”.

His latest Top 40 charted cancon single “Two Shadows” is his 6th release in this short time period and it has followed his early single releases of “Little Smiles” and Giddy Up” as well as his chart topping single “Save Me”, followed by “I Can’t Dance” and Will’s tribute to his Dad entitled, “Make Me A Man” whose video garnered over 400,000 hits!

I am honored to be able to have done this interview with Will Ardell.  Not only is he extremely talented and easy on the eyes, he also has a great sense of humor which is always a plus!

Here is my interview with the very talented Will Ardell:

 When did you first start singing?

I sang a little off and on growing up mostly hymns and such. I never really started doing it at the next level until my mid twenties.

What did your family do to encourage you, and who was your biggest supporter? 

My immediate family have always encouraged me to pursue whatever in life makes me happy, so when I started music, my mom and dad as well as my sister have been my biggest supporters.

Does anyone else in your family sing? 

My mom sang in choir when she was in school.

Who are your biggest musical inspirations?

Johnny Cash, Gordon Lightfoot, Waylon Jennings, Jamey Johnson.

What kind of music do you listen to today?

A lot of Ryan Bingham, Sturgill Simpson, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton and Hank 3

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

Playing one set onstage with my fly open (Haha)

Where would you most like to perform?

The Grand Old Opry

Who would you most like to open for? 

Jamey Johnson

If you weren’t singing what type of  job would you be doing? 

A truck driver or a power engineer

What advice can you give upcoming singers or anyone thinking of getting into the business? 

Work on your craft as hard as you can, aspire to write or participate in writing your own songs, and stay true to yourself.

If you could dabble in another genre of music, what would it be? 

My first album was a double album, which one cd was country and the other was rock. I try to write across a wide array of genres, but it would most likely be rock.

What genre of music can you not stand/tolerate to list to? 

I don’t really have any genre that I dislike, I suppose as long as the lyrical intelligence and authenticity of the song is there, that’s all I require.

What hidden talents do you have? Give us a little insite on you and who you are?


Do you enjoy writing music and/or lyrics? 

I love writing both, I could spend 24 hours a day doing it!

What is your favorite food/restaurant? 

Favorite food would have to be pizza! LOL

Any love interests? Significant other? Crushes, etc.

Yes! I have a girlfriend. We have been together for 3 years.

What is the most trouble you have ever gotten into?

A couple nights in the Crowbar hotel! Haha

When you first started performing, were you nervous? Or calm and confident? 

Without a doubt, NERVOUS! Haha

What do you think about when your performing? 

I try not to think too much, Haha. I just try and focus on the music, the band, and providing the fans with the best show we can give them.

What else can we expect from you in the future? 

I am currently working towards my 3rd album, and planning shows for the next year.

If you haven’t heard his music yet, you’re really missing out. Go to and take a listen for yourself. You wont be sorry you did.

Thank you for the Interview Will! It was great chatting with you.  Much love and success in your career!

You can find Will on the following social media sites:









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