Product Review; Amino8 Enegry From Within by VitAthlete


I was asked to do a product review by the company VitAthlete.  I am a big high protein low carb nut so obviously I agreed to do the review, it was a perfect match for me.

I have tried several products from various companies that proclaim to deliver ultimum results…and don’t. With that said I am always on the look out for the next best thing.

This company caught my eye because not only do they sell products but they also give you the history, information and benefits behind each product. They also have real stories posted on their website for you to read. I like this. It isn’t always about the bottom dollar it’s about educating people to know what is right for their body. And this company does that.

The founders of Vitathlete have an unwavering commitment to the research, development , and creation of advanced nutritional supplement products. This is very impressive. Their primary focus is on advanced proprietary amino acid products for sports nutrition.  Vitathlete’s mission is to continue to work in collaboration with its scientific partners, medical universities, and research institutions from around the world, to further contribute and help to improve human health and the human condition. I am all for this.  When a burger is $1.00 and a salad is $5.00 we can’t always afford to give our body the proper nutrients it need’s. sometimes have to make a choice.

Vitathlete has researched amino acids and advanced amino acid nutrition products for years. They understand how these acids impact the body, as well as how they are synthesized through food and supplement intake. The active ingredients in Vitathlete’s formulas empower the human body to accelerate and maximize the human body’s natural processes of muscle building and repair, peak power, energy and endurance, recovery from mental and physical fatigue, focus, and numerous other physiological functions that demand restoration after intense aerobic and anaerobic performance demands

When my package arrived, I received 3 little bottles “Amino Energy From Within” to try. I took one a day for 3 days. Immediately the taste took me by surprise. It was Peach mango. Very good, smooth and subtle.

I gave it a few minutes to kick in and I have to say, It gave me the boost I had been looking for! I actually felt the lift and I  liked it. It was not to abrupt to where I was jittery and shaky, but just the right amount of energy as if i just drank a cup of java but didn’t. There was no crash after words like in some of the other energy boosting drinks that I have tried in the past.

I have to say It worked really well. So I did some more research and found that these little bottles of magic contain 8 amino acids that increase cellular energy by 370%. Now that’s definitely a plus in my book! But there was more. All packed into this little bottle is a bunch of goodness for your body.  It’s like a cellular over haul!

Amino 8 is specially formulated to allow it’s active ingredients to be absorbed by your body quickly so that your body is able to maximize it’s natural building and repair of muscle, recovery, and mental fatigue as well as improved concentration and focus.

Let’s face it, in this day and age were all busy with a lot on our plates. Who couldn’t use a little more mental clarity and focus in their lives? I know I sure can!

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