7 Anti-Aging Foods (everyone over 40 should eat)


Ok, I don’t know about the rest of you, BUT…I’m turning 48 this year and now more than ever want to do everything I can to slow the aging process. Yeah yeah, you’ve heard the saying “grow old gracefully” or “Age with grace”. But deep down inside I think we all want to look and feel beautiful at any age! I have always been a big advocate of looking and feeling your best and because of my job I feel a lot of pressure to keep up my appearances, but not only that, I want to be that hot grandma!

I don’t usually post my own picture in a blog unless it’s a product review, but this time I  decided to post a picture of me and my husband.

Being in the industry I am in, I’ve heard about anti-aging nutrients and how important they are to all of the stars to keep their youthful look. So I decided to really do my homework here and really dig deep. And since I have changed my eating habits I have found that this really works!

Here are my findings:

If you’re in your 40s, 50s, or even 70s and want to defy each passing year while promoting more youthful hair, nails and skin (like most of us do) the following 7 foods will help you stock up on some of the most powerful anti-aging nutrients around.
1.  Olive Oil – Not only do the monounsaturated fats contained in olive oil support healthy arteries and a healthy heart, but olive oil also contains polyphenols, a potent anti-oxidant that may help prevent a number of age-related diseases. I recommend organic extra virgin olive oil for the most anti-aging bang for your buck.

2.  Red Wine – That’s right, a glass of wine daily may indeed have a positive effect on your health due to its resveratrol content, a unique anti-oxidant that can help fight against diabetes, heart disease, and age-related memory loss. I’m in!

3.  Beans – The unique proteins in beans thicken and strengthen your hair cells, so you can enjoy a full head of hair as you lengthen your years. 🙂

4.  Brazil Nuts – Brazil nuts are rich in selenium, a mineral which aids in the production of the anti-oxidant glutathione to help slow down the skin aging process.  Just 2 nuts a day will provide you with enough selenium to reap its anti-aging benefits.

5.  Tomatoes – Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, which has been shown to support heart health and healthy cholesterol levels as you age.  Lycopene also acts as a natural sun block to keep skin youthful and protected from harmful UV rays.

6.  Raspberries & Blueberries – These two berries contain important anti-oxidants to help offset inflammation and oxidative stress that contribute to skin aging and wrinkles.  Just one serving of either or these berries contains more anti-oxidants than 10 servings of most other fruits and vegetables!

7.  Organic Eggs – Despite the bad rap eggs get because of their cholesterol content, which is based on completely erroneous science, eggs are rich in biotin and iron which help to promote healthy, youthful skin and hair.

Now, those are 7 foods you SHOULD be eating if your not already eating.



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