Product Review; Tazeka Aromatherapy


The power of the human sense of smell goes far beyond just being able to tell what’s for dinner from two rooms away. Just like a massage or a spot treatment can appeal to our sense of touch in a very positive way, other kinds of therapy can appeal to our sense of smell, and allow us to experience many of the same benefits.

I was contacted by a representative of “Tazeka Aromatherapy” and asked if I would do a product review for their company.  I checked out their website and I have to say I was very impressed! Their website is very well put together and loaded with ton’s of information and background on their aromatherapy Oils. I have always been a believer in aromatherapy so I jumped at the chance to try out their products.

For those of you who are not familiar with aromatherapy, it is the use of highly concentrated aromatic oils distilled from plants to heal the body, boost mental performance, and influence emotions. Essential oils often evoke thoughts of scented candles and day spas, but their benefits beyond relaxation are less well-known.

From their website; “Plants produce essential oils to protect themselves against disease and rot, and to ward off pests. The practice of aromatherapy harnesses these powers to benefit humans. Essential oils can calm us down or cheer us up; help us sleep or sharpen our focus. They can soothe irritated skin, help fight infections, and facilitate the body’s natural healing process.”

Tazeka Aromatherapy oils have several benefits to help can attain optimal health, beauty & well being. After using them for a week I am hooked! I have absolutely fallen in love with these oils.

I have a very busy life. I am a MUA, I own several business, have 6 kids, and 7 grand-kids as well as my own blog. Sometimes I find it hard to concentrate or stay focused with all of the distractions that come my way. I can honestly say that using the “Concentrate” and “Tension Tonic” has helped me tremendously. I feel balanced and focused with the tasks at hand. These aromatherapy oils are very versatile, easy to use and indispensable!

Tazeka Aromatherapy – a dose of optimism, balance and motivation in gorgeous bottles!

To be completely honest, one of the first things that caught my eye was the beautiful packaging. The shiny colorful bottles don’t just look awesome –They really work! They are the perfect size for home or on the go and fit nicely in my makeup bag! (No bigger than a lipstick case) The sleek protective case insures no leaks and no mess.

I’m very pleased with this find!  As I said before, I’ve always been a fan of aromatherapy essential oils, but im my opinion, Tazeka has taken Aromatherapy to a whole different level. There are plenty of roll-on oil blends around but none that come in beautiful, sleek, shiny phials, at least none that I know of. Tazeka’s Aromatherapy smell divine and, most important of all, they deliver a feeling of  peace, serenity, health, beauty and well being.



(From the website)

There are 17 blends in all.  Some target moods and states of mind (Non-Stop Thoughts, Confidence, Optimism, Motivation). Others focus on health and well-being issues (Slim Solution, PMS Rescue, Headache Helper, Tension Tonic, Peaceful Slumber, Breathe Easy).  There are even his and her smoochy mojo blends (Aphrodite and Aries, in slinky black bottles).

Each Tazeka blend comes with it’s own simple set of instructions (you’re going to use Slim Solution a little differently than Peaceful Slumber), but all of our oils are designed to be rolled right on your skin—this means your pulse points, wrists, neck, temples, chest, inner elbows, the backs of your knees, and your ankles.

If all the above wasn’t enough to intrigue you, than this surely will: There Is No Animal Testing! If your an animal lover like me, this is an important tid-bit of information.

Indulge and enlighten your senses with Tazeka Aromatherapy roll-ons. If you haven’t tried them yet, you don’t know what your missing. You will NOT be disappointed.

Find your must-haves and be radiant every day!

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