Product Review; Lip Paints By TNT Cosmetics!


Paint your Pout with TNT’s Fabulous Lip Paints!

(All Lip Paints are infused with lip primer and lip plumping ingredients for longer lasting full color!  They come in a 5 g jar but can be made into actual lipstick tubes upon request! Lipstick tubes are $14.00) 

I agreed to try this product based on others reviews of the company/product. I have to say I really enjoyed the way it made my lips feel! The feel great, look great, smell great, and taste divine! My husband kept smelling my lips telling me how good they smelled and I found myself licking my lips a lot because I loved the taste! 🙂

These were my top picks, partly because I loved the colors, but also because the names were so creative they really captivated my attention.

The fact that these lip paints come in a 5 gram lip pot is genius and so convenient especially for a make up artist like me. It makes it easy to scoop out and put on my pallet rather than waste a full tub of lip stick. I loved the fact that they are infused with lip plumpers and lip primer already built in. (this saves me a step for sure)






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