These little cheesecakes form a perfect dip when they cool down, making it easy to fill these cupcakes with my delicious Crème Fraiche.  These did not last long in our house.  You can sprinkle them with grated unsweetened chocolate if desired.  They sure are delicious and a perfect dessert for during weight loss…helps satiate the sweet tooth and doesn’t create cravings for carbohydrates.

1 cup ricotta cheese (250 mL)

12 oz cream cheese, softened (375 g)

4 eggs

Liquid sweetener (sucralose or stevia) to equal 1/cup sugar (125 mL)

1/cup powdered erythritol (60 mL)

1 tbsp lemon zest (15 mL)

1 tsp vanilla extract (5 mL)

Crème Fraiche Filling:

1 cup chilled whipping cream (250 mL)

Liquid sweetener to equal 1/cup sugar (125 mL)

2 tbsp powdered erythritol (30 mL)

1/tsp xanthan gum* (1 mL)

2/cup sour cream (150 mL)

1/tsp vanilla extract (2 mL)

Preheat oven to 400°F (200°C).

In food processor, process ricotta cheese until smooth.  Add cream cheese.  Process.  Add eggs, liquid sweetener, erythritol, lemon zest and vanilla; process.  Stir and process, making sure all lumps have been removed.  Pour into 18 small paper cups which have been placed in muffin pans.

Crème Fraiche Filling:  In food processor with whipping assembly or in ice cold bowl of mixer with cold beaters and chilled cream, beat until it begins to get thicker.  Add liquid sweetener, erythritol and xanthan gum.  Continue beating for a while until thickened some more and then add the sour cream and vanilla extract, processing until all is incorporated.

Bake 20 minutes in the oven, or until cake tester comes out clean.  Refrigerate when cool and fill with Crème Fraiche Filling.  Sprinkle with grated unsweetened chocolate or toasted almond crumbs for garnish.

Helpful Hints:  *I have managed to make the Crème Fraiche without the xanthan gum and using 1 tsp (5 mL) cornstarch.  1 tbsp (15 mL) of cornstarch contains 7 grams of carbs, so you’d be adding about 2 grams of carbs to the filling which is 0.1 g carbs to each cupcake.

Yield:  18 cupcakes

1 cupcake

157.9 calories

5.4 g protein

14.3 g fat

0.1 g fiber

2.0 g net carbs 



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