My Journey (Updated)

OK guys, it’s been about a week since I posted about my weight loss journey. It’s been hard because I love food! But what I’m learning is that it’s OK to love food, and it’s OK to eat. You just have to eat the right stuff. Seems like sense-able statement right? Well, it wasn’t for me until recently. Like I said before I was until now, a Yo-Yo dieter.

I cant say that I’ve actually lost weight yet, but I can say I’m starting to feel better eating cleaner. I have more energy and funny thing, I’m sleeping better at night now that I have cut out a lot of the “Not so good” foods I was eating before.

Here is what my new eating life style consists of:

Breakfast: (very important not to skip breakfast) Egg whites, cooked  however-scrambled is what i like, with a little bit of cheese on top and my cup of coffee. No sugar. I switched to splenda and half and half. ( I can’t give up my coffee)

Lunch: Salad, but made with dark greens as they have a better nutritional rate. (I.E spinach, dark leafy greens, etc) Yes, I still have my dressing just not as much.

Dinner: Chicken, Fish, Steak, with a green veggie (any green veggie) and a salad.

I’m doing several snacks(3-4) in between through out the day, fresh almonds, cottage cheese with fruit, cottage cheese with spinach, (it’s actually pretty good) and 2 of my protein shakes per day with almond milk and lot’s of water.

You probably guessed it! I’m doing the low carb diet, but modified a bit. But I’m not calling it a diet, im calling it a new healthy  way of nourishing my body. As I go through this change/transformation, I am learning so much that I did not know before. I no longer live to eat, I eat to live.

There is so much information on the internet it’s hard to know what to believe and what not to believe! I don’t listen to any of it. I listen to my son. He is a body builder, fitness guru and professional MMA fighter. (I think I mentioned that before)

I’ve gone to the gym twice last week. Which is good for me since I never go! And I have to say, I’m starting to feel a little more motivated. It was hard, but I just pushed through it. I had the bigger picture in mind. And I know I have to build up to it, I can’t just jump in full force especially with little energy. I’m starting slow but steady.

Before I said my bad eating habits stemmed from my childhood. I think in life you have to really be aware of all aspects involved. You don’t really think of these things growing up you just simply float through. Yeah my mom said eat your veggies and you’ll grow big and strong. But really isn’t there more to it than that? I think so.

I can’t blame my current situation (needing to lose a few pounds) on my childhood, I have to take accountability for myself. But I can tell you that what happens to you as a child stays with you. You can try to forget and sweep it under the rug, but it never really goes away, it’s always there in the back of your mind.  At least for me it is.

I didn’t have a great childhood. I mean my mom did the best she could with the help of my grandparents until the day she met my step dad. It was all down hill from there. My sister and I were very young and vulnerable and didn’t really know any better. My step dad was the step dad from HELL. He was mean, abusive, and a drug dealer/user and he worked for some very higher up-bad men.

So much happened that It hurts to talk about so I will save the rest of that story for another time. The point is that I used food as my weapon. Good and bad. It was the only part of my life that I could control so I did. And as a result, I messed myself up.

My take on life now is that you only get one shot at it, there are no do overs no retakes no rewind button. ONLY ONE SHOT, so I have now chosen to make the rest of my life count. Starting with being healthy. For anyone interested in my life style change plan, let me know and I will share! I will also post my weekly results as well as new recipe’s on my blog.

Thanks for listening!





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