Gold Mask

I saw this product and was very intrigued by it. Being a Beauty Junkie I just had to try it out! It’s uniqueness was like nothing I had ever seen in a face mask before the color was so bright and vibrant, and the texture of the mask was so rich and creamy.

I did some research on the product and found it to be very popular in LA (with some of the celebs) So I contact the ones that I personally know just gather their thoughts and feedback on their experiences with this product. Their feedback was unanimous. Hands down they all loved it and surprisingly pay an arm and leg for this treatment in posh Beverly Hills Salons. (An upward of $85.00  per treatment)  ASTONISHING!

Product Description

Color: Gold

The collagen face mask is a perfect and very natural solution to more youthful looking skin.

Main Benefits Per Color:

Gold- Removes Wrinkles & Anti Ageing

White- Whitening & Nourishing

Black- Purify & Detox

This famous treatment is becoming famous between Hollywood stars and expense health spas. With a 98% one way absorption rate the ingredients from the mask will be directly absorbed by the skin cells through the expanded pores providing collagen, whitening essence, nourishing factor and other vitamins.

Such ingredients allow for an immediate soft and nourished appearance with elasticity. It can even relieve mild sunburns and burns left from laser treatment.


– Collagen formula is compatible & recognizable with our bodies. It is activated by the body’s temperature, and micro molecules infused with natural nutrients to penetrate the dermis to achieve great results.

– Keeps the skin firm, tight and youthful, with the benefits being compared to face-lifts, many celebrities have been turning to this product as an alternative and less invasive alternative.

– According to studies collagen facial masks effectively smooth out niggling wrinkles and lines since they effectively boosts the skins natural collagen content.

Because the formula is refined into a simple protein that is almost totally bio-available. Our body can recognize this form of collagen it is unlikely for anyone to react to this natural product. It’s cultivated from natural pieces of plant collagen, and activated by the body`s temperature, micro-molecules infused with natural nutrients penetrate the dermis to achieve amazing results. This mask works by tightening the skin, stimulating skin cells and rejuvenating the epidermis to freshen and brighten the skin for a more youthful radiance.

gold mask01

This Amazing new technology allows these gel mask to hold essential fluids that renew the skin. Apply to the entire face, leave on for 20 minutes and your done. See a younger more rejuvenated you in just a few minutes a day. Directions ( Makeup preparation ) 1. Cleanse & dry skin 2. Place sealed mask in warm water for 3-4 minutes 3. Apply the mask & spread evenly across face 4. Keep mask in place for 10-20 minutes to penetrate the skin. Mask will re-size from 2mm to 1mm 5. Peel off slowly from the edges. No need for washing face after use.

BUT…..What  found is that the warm to hot water did not really liquefy the mask enough for me to really be able to spread it. So what I did instead was put the mask is a microwave safe bowl and heated it up on a medium temperature for bursts of 10 seconds each. ( It only took 2-3 times for mine, but will ultimately depend on the strength of your microwave) I found that gently patting it on to my skin worked much better than spreading it.

The results were truly remarkable. My Skin felt like I just had a complete facial from a salon. I am definitely hooked and will be doing this Gel Mask at least once per week. And I found it from our friends at Skin Soap Junkie! I also told my celeb friends to stop paying so much for the treatment when they can buy it online and do it at home! 🙂

Where to buy:

Price: $13.50 per mask, but well worth it and way under the $50-$85.00 salons charge!






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