Product Review; “Suga Lips” Exfoliating Lip Scrub by TNT Cosmetics

We kiss with them, we eat with them, we drink with them, we smile with them, we dress them up with gloss and lip sticks, so why not take care of them?
Now you can pucker up with confidence knowing how incredibly soft your lips will be using Suga Lips Exfoliating Lip Scrub. This moisturizing scrub contains olive, sunflower and sweet almond oils to nourish and smooth your lips while gentle exfoliants polish away flaky, chapped skin.

In the chilly months the air gets dry, and our lips suffer for it. As they get chapped, they often get covered in a layer of crusty, peeling, annoying dead skin that usually ends up getting bitten or tugged off-and that doesn’t do anybody any favors. Now your lips are bleeding and they’re sore and they are raw and soon they will be crusty again. It’s certainly a debacle, but one that I can honestly say I have finally found a cure for! And I love the name of the product to boot! 🙂

(It’s important not to use this too much-our lips are fragile after all-but it really does the trick getting rid of all that dead peeling skin and revealing the soft skin underneath.)

This product tastes amazing I might add, and makes your lips so smooth and kissable afterwords! The price is not bad, definitely worth the way it makes your lips feel!

So (gently) scrub-a-dub and pucker up, because this product is amazing!







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