Product Review; Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash

Ever since I started wearing makeup in high school I’ve always been faithful to Great Lash by Maybelline. Sure I’ve tried other products, but that was always my go to mascara.

I really never had a problem with short stubbies, I got pretty lucky in that department. However, as I got older I noticed my long, thick, full lashes started to disappear. (I guess from age) So, I’ve been on the hunt for a formula to give me back what time has taken from me.

I found Revitalash and it works when I remember to use it! (I’m pretty busy and forgetful)  My sister actually tried this brand first and loved it. But me being me did not want to switch from what I know is a really good product. (Maybelline)

One day in looking in the mirror I thought to myself, Geese! I’m sick of using falsies and I want my long lashes back. Then I remembered what my sister had told me. I contacted the company that sells them and offered to do an honest review if I loved the product as much as my sister did. And here is my review:

First thing I loved was the packaging. It’s beautiful. The product tubes come in a protective case that closely resembles a sleek eyeglass case. In the case you will receive the following items:

The transplanting Gel, your 3D fibers and clear instructions on how to properly apply the mascara.Nothing compares to Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara! Nothing else that I have personally tried had that is-she-wearing-fake-eyelashes effect I was hoping for, but I am happy to report “This does”!

I was very excited to give it a shot. The pitch: get the look of fake eyelashes via mascara. My response naturally was HECK YEAH! That’s exactly I’m looking for! The results were night and day! They work… noticeably thicker and even longer lashes. Like fake eyelashes with less fuss or worry about them falling off! No messy glue, No trying desperately to get them on straight!  It was the perfect solution to my eyelash problem!

The application is simple and similar to putting on normal mascara. It’s a 4 step process but I think much easier than applying fake eyelashes. Since I usually do a few coats of mascara, an extra few coats was not that much more work and it’s actually fun because you the transformation of your eyelashes immediately.

Step 1. Apply your normal mascara

Step 2. Apply the moonstruck transplanting gel

Step 3. Apply the moonstruck natural fibers

Step 4. Apply the moonstruck transplanting gel again to lock in the fibers (important! Don’t forget step 4)

The change is dramatic. You basically turn your lashes into long and voluptuous,  to die for lashes. The difference was so amazing and the fibers actually thicken and lengthen your lashes so to me it was a win-win product.

I must honestly admit that I am thoroughly impressed by this product. I really did have wonderful results. I was not sure what to expect because to be honest, the whole thing seemed “gimmick-y” to me but my sister (who tried it first) assured me I would fall in love with it and I did. The truth is that the only con I could find was that it could be a little more time consuming than applying a single coat of regular mascara but the results it yielded for me were truly impressive and well worth the extra steps!
Where to buy this wonderful product:
Jennifer Burcham



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