Product Review: Mesmer-Eyes lashes By TASH Cosmetics

Every girl wants OMG lashes, you know the kind; fluttery, flirty and never-ending. So what’s a girl to do when she’s only been blessed with short and stubbies?


False eyelashes are a must-have beauty accessory! Don’t let the word false scare you though I assure you, you can apply them so that they don’t look “false” at all. Advanced technology has perfected lashes with hand-made flexible bands, 100% real human hair. They’re so easy to use and affordable, women aren’t only wearing them for special occasions – they’re wearing them every day.

Applying false eyelashes can seem like the most intimidating part of your makeup routine, but they also give the most reward when you have mastered the technique.  Which only takes a few tries. Start with an inexpensive pair of lashes and quality glue (Duo Eyelash Adhesive is fantastic and what I use.) Line the lash band with glue, wait about 30 seconds to secure the tackiness, and apply them directly along your own lash line (from the inner corner outward.) You can apply eyeliner before starting to help guide you! Next, apply mascara to bind the real and fake lashes together.

I used to only use Ardell Demi Wispies, totally in love with them for the longest time and still am. I decided to venture outside of my norm and tried Mesmer-Eyes lashes. These easy flexible light weight lashes were so comfortable and easy to work with and manage. They are reasonable in cost and have lasted me so far 3 uses. (which for me is really good!)

Where to buy them:



Product Review Mesmer-Eyes Lashes

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