Want To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Under Eye Circles? Here’s How In 5 Easy Steps!

My clients often ask me if there’s a way they can fix their dark, under-eye circles. Unfortunately, there’s no way to permanently get rid of them unless your considering an invasive surgery. But the good news is you can cover them up if you follow these 5 steps!

Step 1: Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

At night, use a thick cream formulated for under the eye. During the day, apply a lighter cream before you apply makeup. This will help your corrector and concealer glide on more smoothly.

Step 2: Apply a Corrector

For women suffering from dark circles under their eyes, a simple concealer isn’t going to work alone. Under-eye correctors are formulated for dark circles found under the eyes. They work by counteracting the purplish or blue circles under the eyes and they come in pink and peach shades.

I’ve seen great results from Bobbi Brown’s correctors, which provide extra coverage and are formulated to be used under concealer. They come in Bisque shade, which is ideal for most skin tones, and Peach, which is best for olive and darker skin tones. I love the fact that there are only two shades, making this an easy product to color match and therefore easy to buy online without having to go into a store to test and it runs about $22.

To apply, simply pat in corrector with the pad of your  finger. For best results, apply on a clean face using either a concealer brush or the pad of your finger. Dot the corrector at the corner of each inner eye and continue to “paint” the corrector under the eyes close to the lashes.

Step 3: Apply a Concealer

After your corrector is applied, you’ll want to use a yellow-based concealer. Dot the concealer under the eyes and use the “pat method” to press the product into the skin. When choosing a concealer, I recommend a shade lighter than your  skin tone. If your circles are very dark, you can go 2 shades lighter. Make sure to blend well so you don’t get a raccoon look.

Step 4: Foundation Time

Now you can apply your foundation to your face, hitting the areas that need it most. No need to cover the entire face in foundation.

Step 5: Set Makeup With a Yellow-Based Powder

Use a yellow-based powder to set your makeup. If you have super fair skin, use a white powder to set the concealer.

If All Else Fails, Consider Laser Treatments!

If you have a chronic case of under-eye circles, you could contact a doctor about lasers. Lasers can thicken the skin by increasing collagen production, so you are less likely to see veins, according to Los Angeles facialist Kate Somerville from InStyle Magazine.

Hope this helps! 🙂

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