Product Review: TASH Cosmetics “Primers”

I was sent two different primers to try and review by TASH Cosmetics. An eye shadow primer and a lip primer.

How many times have you carefully crafted your eye makeup just to have it disappear and fade within just a few hours? Spending all that time and effort on your eye makeup will be tossed to the wind unless you have a good base underneath to keep it vibrant and lasting all day long?

I personally use primer everyday. If your anything like me you day is jam packed and you don’t have time to keep refreshing your makeup!

After trying both primers here are my findings:

“Stay Put” Eye-shadow Primer (20g) for $30.00. A little bit goes a long way! It comes in a 20g jar and is packed to the rim. You barely have to use any at all and it smooths on very nicely. This product is very creamy and dry. It made no creases, and by the end of the day my eye-shadow was just as vibrant as it was in the morning when I first applied it. I did a test on this product and I slept with my eye makeup on (which I never ever do) and it truly stayed put, hence the name. I still had eye-shadow on the next morning.

The colors looked more bold and vibrant with the Stay Put eye shadow primer. For $30.00 It’s quality compares to that of M·A·C Prep + Prime. (which is what I normally use It is a bit expensive BUT…In all honesty, I barely used any just a dab on each eye, so in the long run I anticipate this product being the better bang for your buck. It will last you forever.

Lip Fix “Kiss Me” Primer (10g) for $20.00. I found the same to be true with this product as well. My lipstick not feather or fade, or run. It stayed on all day long. Again, I only used a little bit, you won’t need much. I can see this product lasting a long time as well. In my opinion there is nothing sexier than lipstick that stays where it is supposed to! This primer will anchor your lipstick, you wont need to worry about the nasty lipstick run!

I give these products a thumbs up! Both on quality and quantity.They did not disappoint.

Links to these products:


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