These “Health” Drinks Are Aging You Faster, Making You Disease-Prone, And …Keeping You FAT!

WARNING: This is a very loooong post!  But trust me it’s worth the 15 minutes it takes you to read it! (your body will thank you!)

It’s not very often I share other peoples blog post, but when I run across one I think is beneficial to others I like to share and pass the information along. This is one of those posts. I wanted to share this post with all of you. I did not write some of this blog, I did give proper credit to the writer and I did add my own take on this as well. I just found it to be very informational and wanted to pass it along especially since I at one time fell into this category! Part of this post was written by someone I admire and follow: Shin Ohtake — Fitness & Fat-Loss Coach, Bona Fide Health Nut (So this post is a combination of his expertise/thoughts and my thoughts/experience)

Dear Reader,

I’ll get straight to the point…

If you’ve been fooled into thinking those so-called “healthy” green juices lining the shelves of grocery stores are good for you in any way, shape, or form, this article will come as a shock to you.  These “all natural” drinks are so bad for you that instead of drinking one of those…

You might as well guzzle down a can of sugary soda!

Look, it’s been my life’s work (for over 20 years now) to help people lose weight and get healthy.  So, you can imagine the look of horror on my face when I read the Nutrition Facts label on an 8 ounce bottle of “Odwalla Superfood Original”.  Can you guess what was on that label?  I’ll tell you exactly what…

This measly little 8 ounce “green drink” has a whopping 25 grams of sugar!  That’s 3.125 grams of sugar per ounce.

Ounce for ounce, that’s about the same amount of sugar in a can of Coke!

That’s no exaggeration either…12 ounces of Coca Cola has 39 grams of sugar.  That’s 3.25 grams of sugar per ounce.

Even worse, this “Superfood” drink is one of the “healthier” options.  I didn’t cherry-pick the worst product they offer to make my point.  No, I actually chose the healthiest one!

Steam wouldn’t be blowing out of my ears over this if it weren’t for the fact that these drinks are marketed to you as being “healthy” using words like “antioxidant-rich”, “superfood”, or “vitamins and nutrients”.  Oh please.  At least Coke isn’t trying to get you to believe their drinks are healthy, you know what I mean?

Now wait a second, why am I making such a fuss over how much sugar is in these so-called “healthy” green drinks?  And, aren’t I forgetting that they are also full of anti-oxidants, veggies, have loads of nutrients, and are fat-free?  Good questions.  And I’m going to answer all of them…

First, let me explain the root of the problem…

The #1 biggest cause of aging, disease and weight-gain is inflammation in your body.  Inflammation is caused by many different things, but one of the worst offenders is your diet.  You know the saying, “you are what you eat”?  Well it’s completely true…and of all the things you put in your mouth, there is one food that causes the MOST inflammation and damage…


That’s right.  Sugar is the top reason why the rate of obesity and type 2 diabetes are out of control.  Not only does sugar make you fat and sick, it’s also the biggest cause of premature aging!

(Listen, I could go on for days about how sugar makes you fat, sick and old.  But, I’m going to try and sum this up quickly for you because I want to show you three simple things you can do to reverse aging — yes, it is scientifically proven that you CAN reverse damage that’s already been done, shed those extra pounds, and boost your energy so high you’ll practically feel like a teenager again.)


How Sugar Causes Weight-Gain

Eating too much sugar causes your insulin to spike (you can think of insulin as your “fat-storing” hormone).  The reason it spikes is because when you eat too much sugar, your body converts the excess into fat and stores it.  Unfortunately, it’s very common for the fat to be stored in places like your belly, hips and thighs — leaving you with “trouble spots”.  And if you KEEP eating sugar, it eventually overwhelms your body and breaks down the way you metabolizes sugar, which can lead to common ailments like fatigue all the way to chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes and even heart disease.  This is serious!

How Sugar Causes Disease & Accelerates Aging

Inflammation in your body is caused by cell-damaging molecules called free radicals.  I’m sure you’ve heard this term before.  Free radicals are actually just a byproduct of processes that occur naturally in your body.  Normally, your body can get rid of free radicals and extinguish inflammation on it’s own.  However, when there’s an influx of free radical production, your body simply can’t keep up and extinguish all of it.  And that’s when inflammation gets out of control, speeding up your aging process.  Before you know it, you’ve got achy joints, dehydrated and wrinkly skin, loss of muscle tone, and all kinds of health problems.

It’s like a forest fire.  The fire fighters can control the fire if there aren’t other elements, like wind.  But if there are strong winds,  the fire can quickly get out of control.  Sugar has the same damaging effect on your body because it skyrockets the production of free radicals, which is what causes all that inflammation in the first place.

So you see, that’s the issue with these green drinks that are being marketed as “healthy” for you.  I don’t care how much antioxidant content or nutrients they claim are in that bottle — it’ll NEVER be enough to offset the inflammation and damage caused by the truckloads of sugar they dump into it!

Enough about how these cleverly marketed “health” drinks make you fat, sick and old.  I think you get the point.

Here’s one of the things I recommend you do instead (there are several more and I’ll get to those soon):

It’s simple.  Instead of “drinking” your fruits and veggies, eat them.  This is the by far the best way to get all of the inflammation-fighting anti-oxidants, vitamins, fiber, and minerals to boost your health.  And because you’re eating these foods instead of drinking them, it’s practically impossible to go overboard on the sugar.

Of course, you’ll still be consuming sugar (fructose) when you eat fruit, but here’s why it’s NOTHING like drinking fruit juice: the fiber that’s in fruit helps cancel out the negative effects of sugar by lowering your insulin and preventing inflammation.  Those juices have ZERO fiber.  The sugar industry would love for you to believe that “sugar is sugar” in any form, but don’t you dare fall for that load of B.S.!

Here’s a list of fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants (print this out and stick it to your fridge):

  • Leafy Greens: Kale, Chard, Mustard Greens, Collards, Parsley, Spinach, Arugula, Baby Greens, Endives
  • Cruciferous Vegetables: Cabbage, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Bok Choy
  • Alliums: Onions, shallots, Garlic, Leeks
  • Brightly Colored Produce: Purple tomatoes, Red leaf lettuce, Radicchio, Red cabbage, Purple Cauliflower, Purple Kale, Red Peppers, Beets
  • Fruits & Berries: Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Strawberries, Acai berries (the actual berries, not those scammy diet pills for God’s sake!), Cherries, Cranberries, Apple, Oranges, Watermelon, Grapefruit, Plum

Of course, this isn’t a comprehensive list, but it’s a damn good start if you want to stop the aging process from spiraling out of control.  You CAN look (and feel) a decade younger, drop the excess weight and re-ignite your metabolism, but you’ve got to start cutting down on your sugar intake.

OK, now here is my take: 

I totally agree with this post. I was one of these health nut’s obsessing over how I could get healthy from the inside out. Because after all that’s where it all starts.I drank all these green drinks hoping for some type of feeling of well being and of course some results only to find they don’t work.

You can’t work out and eat like crap and expect results, and you cant eat clean but not work out and expect miracles. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. The two go hand and hand. You have to reprogram your mind, after all chances are you have been doing the same thing since you were a kid.

The reason being is our parent’s were from a different generation. They were taught to clean their plates and in turn that’s what most of them taught us. So we grew up with the misconception of “It’s super time at 5 pm you all sit down down at the table and clean your plate and your done”  But is that causing more damage then good?

Your mind was programmed from little on to eat everything on your plate. So naturally as you grow up you mirror what you have been taught, only now your older, your stomach is bigger and your portions are larger. So essentially your eating more.

And let’s examine what your eating. For example, my family is from the south. Friend chicken and gravy was our number one dinner. How fattening is that? And we cleaned our plates. It was a sign on respect to the cook. Right? How many of you have heard the saying “Eat all of your dinner there are kids starving in other countries?”  We heard that ALL the time. It gave us a guilt complex about food. (Even though bless their hearts they had good intentions) But really, It’s not only how much we eat that is making us fat. It’s what were eating too.

For decades, the healthcare industry (including doctors!) demonized fat.  They told you that foods high in fat were the main cause of weight gain.  They declared that fat increases your cholesterol, eventually leading to heart disease and death.  Soon, huge companies began marketing their “low-fat” foods and lining them on the shelves of grocery stores everywhere (and as you well know, fat-free foods are still extremely popular).

But guess what?  They were WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Nonsense.  Fat doesn’t make you fat, so get that out of your head right now.  This myth was debunked by science years ago (there are countless studies and books written on it).  And, the real culprit behind weight-gain and heart disease has been exposed…sugar!

As I said before I follow Shin Ohtake. He is amazing! And I agree with him. Here’s one of the big problems: When you go on a low-fat kick, you’re depriving your body of vital nutrients.  Nutrients that nourish your body from the inside out — giving your skin a more supple, healthy, and more youthful glow.  When you don’t eat enough fat, your skin tends to looks parched, wrinkled, and dull.  You look weathered on the outside, and the situation is even worse on the inside because a low fat diet only makes you crave more sugar even if you don’t realize your doing it. I know I didn’t!

I don’t just mean the sweet stuff either, I’m talking about carbs like bread, pasta, rice, etc.  Carbs ARE sugar.  When your body digests and breaks down the carbs you eat, they are converted to sugar.  It’s all the same in the end.  This is exactly why when you go on a low-fat diet, you never lose any weight!

If you’ve ever tried eating low-fat, I’m sure you remember fighting the constant feeling of hunger.  But, the reason you were hungry all the time was not  because you’re gluttonous.  Good grief, don’t be so hard on yourself!  No, it’s because your body digests sugar lightening fast — making you feel hungry soon after you eat.  Even worse, studies have shown that eating sugar increases your craving for even more sugar. (This stuff is like crack!)  It’s a vicious cycle that will leave you tired, hungry, overweight, and more prone to disease.

Obviously, you should avoid those low-fat and fat-free products like the plague.  Don’t be fooled by the fancy packaging with sayings like “Healthy for Your Heart” or “Lowers Your Cholesterol.”  These carb-laden products (most of which are processed) will only make you fat and and sick — and now you know why.

To reclaim your youth and reverse the inflammation, you must cut down on the carbs and start eating more protein and fat.  Your body NEEDS fat in order to stay healthy and function optimally.  And, good fat will actually help you lose more weight.  Yes, healthy fats like omega-3’s found in fish, eggs, seeds and nuts fight inflammation AND curb your hunger because they take longer to digest, signaling your brain that you’re full.  You’ll feel satisfied for much longer periods of time so you won’t overeat.  And, when you do finally get hungry, you won’t crave all that age-accelerating sugar!

Here’s a list of healthy, inflammation-busting foods highest in omega-3 fatty acids:

  1. Wild caught fish (salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines, and tuna)
  2. Pasture raised meat, eggs and dairy
  3. Flax seeds, chia seeds, and walnuts

The order I’ve listed these in is important.  The best form of omega-3 fatty acids comes from fish, meat, eggs and dairy.  By “best” I mean that the omegas are more bioavailable (I.e. In a form that’s readily used by your body).  Omega-3’s from nuts and seeds are good choices too (they make great snacks), but less so because they are not as bioavailable.  The point is, don’t skip out of the fish, meat, and eggs because that’s where you’re going to get the most anti-aging and weight-loss benefits.

Okay, there’s one last thing I want to reveal today and this one’s a biggie.  Here’s the deal: If you’ve been exercising (or thinking about exercising), don’t you dare do another workout until you read this first.  If you make this next mistake, you’re really on the fast-track to premature aging (and making it almost impossible to get your leanest!)

Let me take you back a bit: When I was born i was very small. Only 6 lbs. And as a child I was very tiny. I only weighed 98 lbs in high-school. I used to get picked on a lot by older bigger kids. I was basically a skeleton with skin over it. As a junior I looked like I was in 8th grade. So naturally in the back of mind comes my raising, eat more! Finish it all and you’ll get big and strong. So I did. I ate and ate and ate anything and everything I wanted. (mostly because I didn’t know any better)

That kind of programming stays with with into your adulthood. One thing people don’t tell you. And just because you could eat like a horse back then (faster metabolism) doesn’t mean you can do it now.(slower metabolism) Like it or not our body changes as we get older, but unfortunately our mind set does not. And if we don’t change our mind set we will remain at an unhealthy weight. It has taken me most my life to figure this out. I am a work in progress I like to say.

example, let’s say you’ve started feeling low on energy, gained a few pounds, and you know your health needs an overhaul so you don’t wind up sick or with some awful disease that’s going to cut your life short.  Your doctor tells you that you need to exercise more.  (That wasn’t exactly a newsflash, now was it?)  The doctor’s general advise isn’t wrong.  But then, he recommends you do cardio for 45 minutes, at least 3 times a week.  By “cardio”, he means jogging on the treadmill, doing the elliptical, riding the stationary bike, etc… This type of cardio is called “steady-state” cardio.

And therein lies the problem.  Without realizing it, Dr. Old School has just put you on the fast-track to “Accelerated aging!”

Am I insane?  Did I really just tell you that doing cardiovascular exercise is BAD for you?

Listen, I know it sounds nuts.  What I just said goes against what the “experts” have been preaching to you your whole life.  But, you need to listen to what I’m about to say next, because you’re going to discover exactly why steady-state cardio is so bad AND what you should do instead.  (Don’t worry, you’re going to have a “lightbulb” moment in just a minute…)

Here’s the problem: Steady-state cardio increases oxidation, which produces cell damaging free-radicals that cause inflammation in your body.  As you recall, inflammation is the biggest cause of premature aging and chronic age-related diseases!  While steady-state cardio can help improve your cardiovascular fitness (although I’ll show you a much better way in just a minute), all that jogging and bike riding you’ve been doing has also been aging you faster.  Probably not the goal you set out to achieve.

What’s more, steady-state cardio increases your appetite.  It depletes the glycogen in your body faster than a bat out of hell, making you crave sugar and carbs like crazy — and as you already know, that causes your body to produce even more cell-damaging free-radicals!  That’s not all…did you know that steady-state cardio also increases a stress hormone called “cortisol”?  This is really bad because when your body produces too much of it, you start to lose lean muscle mass, gain more belly fat (cortisol is a major cause of belly fat), and produce free-radicals galore.

Here’s some good news: Steady-state cardio is NOT the only way to improve your cardiovascular fitness.  In fact, there’s an unconventional (but insanely effective) way that gives you all the heart-healthy benefits, more weight-loss (much more, actually), and forces your body to release a flood of youth-enhancing hormones so you can look and feel years younger.  But, even though it’s scientifically proven, you won’t hear about this little-known method from most health experts.  Not because they’re evil-doers out to ruin your health. (That’s ridiculous)  The problem is they’re simply unaware.

Doctors and health professionals will tell you that the biggest indicator of health and longevity is your heart.  Not totally true.  In reality, the most up-to-date anti-aging research studies show (for both men and women) that your Lean Mass Index (LMI) is a much stronger indicator of health and longevity.  Simply put, it means this: The more lean muscle mass you have, the slower you’ll age, the longer you’ll live, and the less disease-prone you’ll be.

So there you have it…maintaining your lean muscle mass is key to maximizing your youth, staying lean, and fending off diseases that shorten your life.  Let me clear something up before you call me cuckoo again: I am not saying heart health isn’t important.  No, it’s extremely important.  But, it’s safe to assume that people with a high LMI do have healthy hearts (you can’t maintain muscle without working your cardiovascular system for crying out loud).  But those who have healthy hearts do not necessarily have lean muscle (more on that in just a minute).  This is why LMI is a much stronger indicator of health.

Let’s press on…

Increasing your Lean Muscle Index sounds fine and dandy, but there are two main problems:  First, we all start to lose muscle more quickly as we age — I’m over 40 so trust me, I know.  It gets more and more difficult after age 35.  And second, just about everyone who is trying to improve their health and lose weight is doing steady-state cardio, when the truth of the matter is that this method of exercising literally eats away your muscle tone.

You read that right.  It all comes down to how your body uses energy.  When you exercise, the first source of energy is provided by sugar (sugar is stored in your body as glycogen).  However, you have a limited amount of glycogen to be used and once you’ve used it all up, alternative energy sources must be found.  Ideally, your body would use fat as the next source, but that’s NOT the case when you do cardio.  Instead, your body breaks down the protein in your muscles to use for energy — literally eating it away!

Your lean muscle burns calories just by existing.  So, by losing muscle, you’re also getting rid of your body’s best fat-burner!  Every wonder why when you do start doing cardio, you see some results in the beginning, but then you quickly hit a plateau?  Now you know why.  It’s not you or your genetics to blame — it’s all that cardio that’s devouring your muscle!  Don’t feel bad, this happens to a lot of people and sadly, they never understand the truth.

What To Do Next?

Enough with the bad news.  Now I want to show you a proven method that gets you lean, fit, and healthy without all the aging-inducing side effects.

But let’s get a few things straight first: If you’re 50, what you’re about to discover isn’t going to make you look a 25 (although, you’ll likely feel 25!).  You can expect to look up to 10 or even 15 years younger than whatever your age is now.  More importantly, you’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness while boosting your lean muscle mass to help you release a flood of youth-enhancing hormones, skyrocket your energy levels, and reignite your metabolism so you can put fat-burning on autopilot.  (Once you discover this simple method, you’ll kick yourself for not doing it all along!)

MAX Workouts (90-Day Program) It’s that simple!

I’m 47 years old have 6 kids and my body and mind has been out through the ringer. Growing up the way I did, the mind set I had, and being pregnant 6 times can take it’s toll on you. I’ve personally lost 35 lbs with this program and re-programming my mind. It’s not an over night fix or fad. It’s true and it’s work. If your happy with where you are, then that’s great, but for those of you who are/were like me, what do you have to lose?

Here is the link that basically changed my life:

Thanks for taking time out of your day to read my post. I do apologize for it being so long. (normally i like to get to the point quickly)

Have a blessed day!


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