Pores…Everyone has them! Myth and Fact:

There’s a lot of talk out there surrounding skin pores, tiny openings that contain oil-producing sebaceous glands and allow dead skin cells to reach the surface. Allow me to walk you through some common pore misconceptions and try to set the record straight.

This might just be one of the biggest misconceptions out there: Cold-water rinses that magically make pores slam shut, and steam facials that open them up again. Unfortunately, your pores don’t open and close like a doggie door. Here’s what does happen though: Steam can help loosen the sebum that builds up inside pores. Once that sebum is cleared out, pores appear smaller. (Yes, I said “appear” smaller.)

When you look in the mirror, the last thing you want to see staring back at you are scores of tiny, black pores. Despite their tendency to clog, pores are actually very important, because they allow us to sweat. If we couldn’t sweat, we wouldn’t be able to maintain a safe body temperature. They also secrete a natural lubricant “sebum”, which is supposed to moisturize and protect our skin.

Sometimes, however, sebum ends up clogging our pores and giving us blackheads instead. So how do we keep that from happening? Most people automatically think using steam or hot water to wash your face helps because it opens your pores, but in reality, that’s just a myth.

Pores are nothing more than tiny openings in your skin. They don’t have muscles, and that means they can’t open or close. It doesn’t matter what you do — there’s no way to change the size or your pores.

While hot water can’t actually change the size of your pores, it might help loosen all of the dark spots that are clogging up them up. The same goes for steam. It’s important to realize, though, that this has nothing to do with changing the size of your pores. It’s simply an effective way of cleaning them out, and getting rid of excess debris and makeup can actually make pores “look” smaller. So, if you want to make your pores less noticeable, try washing your face regularly, especially following any strenuous activities that might cause you to sweat excessively. Regular exfoliation can help as well .

There are many cosmetics products on the market today that swear to shirk pores, but that goes back to my posting about not falling into the Beauty Hype category. It’s all commercialized! This is the confusing part, because while YES, there are products that do make the appearance of pores looked reduced in size, keep in mind that it is only a temporary fix. It doesn’t  last forever and it does not “permanently” reduce pores.

I have tried/used several products over the years (as a MUA and on myself) to test this pore theory and there are only 2 products that I have found on the market today that actually work for me and for my clients. ONLY 2 out of the millions out there! Scary right? Ok, so here are the 2:

1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal products: Soaps and masks. These products work because they not only clean out your pores, (which reduces their appearance) But they also detoxify your skin pulling free radicals and toxins out of your pores which in turn cleans your skin on a whole new level. There is no residue left behind like some other soaps leave. Trust me on this one, this is a miracle product when it comes to cleaning your skin and reducing the appearance of pores. It will also clear up acne and other skin elements.

2. Pore-fessional Primer by Benefit: I use this product daily and I have found that it quickly minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother-than-smooth skin. It’s a lightweight balm, translucent, oil-free formula  and seems to complement all skin tones and helps makeup stay put.(I use this on my clients as well)

I’m not in anyway saying these products will work for everyone, I am only saying these products have and do work for me and the clients I use them on.

Hope this helps a little on some of the pore confusion and myths going around! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Pores…Everyone has them! Myth and Fact:

  1. Thanks for the tips girl! I found using toner works for my skin. My friend told me about PH normalizer to minimize pores since our PH level is imbalanced when we wash our face, it helps to balance it. I noticed a huge difference and it helped to hydrate my skin too.

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    • Hi! Sorry took me so long to reply. The only skin care products I use on my face are activated Bamboo Charcoal soap (twice a day am/pm) the A.B.C mud make 1 time per week, a toner and a DMAE moisturizer. I get my products from Skin Soap Junkie. Ive tried everything under the sun and I have found that these products work the best on my skin. I’m 47 years old and my skin has never been in better shape. 🙂


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