What Can Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap Do for Your Skin?

In Our Beauty Blogs on our website (SkinSoapJunkie.com) we’ve written a lot about acne and how to treat it. It’s one of the most-asked-about topics because breakouts are common for so many people, and they can have a big impact on self-esteem and one’s sense of beauty.

No one wants to deal with the unsightly bumps, scarring, red marks, and pain (both physical and emotional) that comes from acne. Some people find that no matter what over-the-counter or prescription topical products they try, nothing works!

Believe it or not, applying a little soot to your skin can leave it cleaner than ever. In fact, charcoal, that ol’ barbecue staple, is almost as essential to a healthy complexion as it is to a proper backyard cookout. An array of lux grooming products call upon charcoal made from bamboo, for its power to absorb impurities and toxins. Here’s what you need to know about this super ingredient.

Our Dirty Little Secret is a wonderful bar of soap if you have oily, combination or acne prone skin. This soap is made with premium bamboo charcoal both gentle and effective.

Bamboo charcoal which is referred to as the “black diamond’”in Asia, has been used for centuries from treating drinking water to healing the sick. It is widely used in traditional Chinese medicine. Bamboo charcoal has finally emigrated to North America. It has found its way into multiple applications most recently as the primary ingredient in better quality skin care products. It’s unique mystical properties act as a incredible soap & skin conditioner, and is best for the treatment of dry skin and many dermatological disorders such as atopic dermatitis, dry cracked heels , acne, & eczema among many other skin conditions.

Our eyes collects dirt in the pores, since our skin is so tender under the eyes it causes the skin to weigh down giving an appearance of premature skin aging. Our bamboo soaps contain nothing but glycerin and activated bamboo charcoal powder and DMAE (the wonder ingredient). This is the best combination of ingredients in a soap for cleansing and moisturizing the skin at the same time. Bamboo charcoal soap is a great organic non surgical alternative to plastic surgery and with continued use and a healthy diet the results are truly dramatic. For better results leave it on your skin for about 1-2 minutes two times a day. ( I leave it on while shaving my legs!) and wash my face in the morning and at night right before bed time! Results will begin to show in about 7-14 days.

How It Works

Activated charcoal has high absorptive powers, which means that it draws other elements into itself. Charcoal is activated through heat and exposure to steam and certain chemicals. When it is exposed to contaminants, they literally become trapped in the carbon’s pores. Charcoal also has antibacterial properties that can help heal wounds. Activated carbon is used for everything from industrial water filtration to medicinal supplements.

Your skin is a living organ, which has pores of its own. These pores, and the skin’s permeable membrane, allow chemicals and toxins to pass both into and out of your body. Acne has many possible causes, including blocked pores; dirt and bacteria on the skin’s surface; excess sebum, or oil; and poor diet. Applying activated charcoal to your skin regiment will remove detritus from your skin’s surface and can even extract toxins from beneath the skin, according to Health 911. The antibacterial properties of charcoal can also help alleviate infections, or keep them from happening.
Acne Control with Charcoal Soap
Activated charcoal will not harm your skin, which makes it a good addition to your cleansing routine. If you suffer from dry skin, use charcoal soap to replace harsher cleansers. For adults acne can be embarrassing right? We all think once we are older we will out grow this hormonal in balance, and when were older we know better and take better care of our skin right? WRONG! Because our skin is still exposed to the same elements, toxins and free radicals as when we were kids, we still face the unsightly acne delima as when we were teenager. Not fair, I know. We have paid our dues right? One would think, but acne is troublesome for all ages, not just hormonal teenagers. Because acne is not only caused by hormones. But , by adding a charcoal cleanser to your daily routine you can help clear up and prevent these outbreaks. However, don’t expect charcoal soap to magically solve your skin problems. Although it does help and play a dramatic roll in detoxifying the skin eating healthier, drinking ample amounts of water and getting plenty of sleep can certainly help your skin issues right along with the Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap!

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